“I have to give you some bad news.” Maria De Filippi freezes Luca: health problems

Men and women, Classic Throne, bad news for the tronista Luca Salatino, now closer and closer to his choice since May 30, which is almost upon us, will also close this season of the well-known dating show of Canale 5 which will return, punctual as a Swiss watch, starting from September, therefore immediately after the classic summer break. But for him comes the cold shower, indeed, frozen, by Maria De Filippi …

The tronista is about to sit in the center of the studio Luca Salatino, with a decidedly recent past as a suitor. But here is that the presenter freezes him saying: “I have to give you some bad news”. Panic among those present.

Luca Salatino towards the choice

Men and womenafter having once again given ample space to Throne Over that always like a lot to viewers, including those of the first hour, here we finally talk about the classic one.

It was the first to speak the tronista Veronica which is starting to please the general public who is – however – awaiting the moment with ever greater impatience Luca: who will choose?

The young man who is experiencing a somewhat tortuous path seems to be increasingly divided between three and not two fires: that is Aurorawho is the most recent suitor who has come down the famous stairs for him with whom he had a sensational fight but who – surprisingly – could return, Soraya who is in pain for him but does not even grant him a kiss, and the beautiful Lilli with which he let himself go to effusions and with which he started going out again.

Lilli set aside for a while, then she went back to being his favorite

And this has clearly made the fans think well of the young woman she had been for so long set aside by the Roman chef who had taken a big crush on the newcomer, an old acquaintance of the program, which sent not only a crisis Lilli but also Soraya since in no time at all she even got kissed.

But if the first, despite being sorry and very annoyed, managed to keep a sure aplombthe other burst into tears like a fountain, also putting the tronista in serious difficulty, who did not know that fish to catch.

Among other things, it seems that it may be right she is his choiceas the former tronista also claims Roberta Ilaria Giusti that a few months ago in the same program he courted.

“She is sick, she has Covid”, the news that freezes Salatino

But let’s get back to talking about Lilli which recently showed up at the registrations with a new look at the level of hair: stop to smooth and yes to hedgehog. Too bad that the latest news that are airing these days cannot be because, as announced by Maria De Filippi, she has Covid.

And this has -clear- very saddened Luca who therefore cannot see it. And at this point many are wondering if this can’t somehow play in Soraya’s favor that is lost of the beautiful Salatino and that could therefore play all out to become seriously his choice. After all – you know – “every left is lost” …

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