‘I haven’t held back’: Anne Hathaway opens up about postpartum journey

In an exclusive conversation with PEOPLE, Anne Hathaway, accomplished actress and mother of two sons Jack, 3, and Jonathan, 7, whom she shares with husband Adam Shulman, opens up about her personal postpartum experiences. Hathaway shared how motherhood has changed her perspective on her body and the expectations placed on it.

Postpartum realization and self-acceptance for Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway sheds light on an often overlooked aspect of motherhood – the journey of postpartum recovery. The actress highlighted the importance of open dialogue on the topic and emphasized that it took three full years for her body to fully recover after pregnancy. Hathaway is clearly engaged in dispelling the notion of a “snap-back” body after pregnancy and encouraging others to embrace their unique postpartum journey. She advocates the idea that there is no rush to achieve a certain physical condition and urges individuals to cherish the present moment while prioritizing self-care without rigid expectations. She said, “People don’t talk about it and when I found out about it I really felt better. It takes three years for your body to fully recover from pregnancy. I didn’t go back. I I’m very, very clear about it. With my second, it took every minute of those three years. And that’s good. Let your body be a body.”

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The impact of motherhood on Anne Hathaway’s career choices

In an appearance on Sirius XM’s The Jess Cagle Show in October 2022, Anne Hathaway discussed the profound impact motherhood had on her career decisions. He expressed that his children are a central factor in his choice of projects, making him more selective in his professional endeavours. She said, “I have to say, the ‘kids’ thing has been the biggest change. It’s like prioritizing everything again, so it’s actually made me a little more selective about spending time away from them. There must be something very excellent.” Because they are very precious to me.”

Anne Hathaway’s candid thoughts on her postpartum journey and the transformative impact of motherhood on her career provide a refreshing perspective on the complexities of modern motherhood. Their commitment to authenticity and self-acceptance resonates with individuals making sense of their own postpartum experiences.

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