“I listen to a lot of Ariana Grande, a bit of Christina Aguilera”

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For some, the idea of ​​being a metalhead and listening to pop music is sacrilege; but for others, music is like food and they don’t see why they couldn’t enjoy a variety of genres/foods. And it just so happens that Slipknot founding member Shawn “Clown” Crahan is one of those people, as he recently shared his love for pop music with The Independent.

Clown notably talked about two artists he currently listens to and loves: “My hardcore fans are going to hate me… Well, not hate me, but they’re going to be upset. I listen to a lot of Ariana Grande and a little Christina Aguilera [en ce moment]. I have a real love of pop.”

Speaking about his hopes and goals for Slipknot, Crahan explained that he doesn’t want the group to become as popular as Ariana Grande and company, but he still wants Slipknot to continue to grow: “I don’t necessarily want to see the band become a pop icon, but Slipknot, at this point, is part of pop culture, so to me it’s important that we stand with these people. [les stars de la pop]because they need to be aware of what’s happening on our side of the artistic spectrum.”

Slipknot’s new album, The End, So Far, was released on September 30 via Roadrunner Records. And some physical copies were misprinted.

Produced by Slipknot and Joe Barresi, The End, So Far features 12 tracks, including 2021 single The Chapeltown Rag, and the follow-up to 2019’s widely acclaimed We Are Not Your Kind album, which scored the third No. consecutive Slipknot on the Billboard 200.

Current Slipknot drummer Jay Weinberg recently described the band’s new album as “an interesting step forward.”

Speaking about The End, So Far to Wacken TV, he said, among other things: “From my perspective, there’s a lot of traditional Slipknot stuff on the album, stuff you can’t help but do. But we’re also very happy to dig deeper into the things that we know are hallmarks of Slipknot and challenge ourselves to do experimental and creative things. It just gives us more ways to express ourselves. So [pour décrire] the new album I would say is an interesting step forward.”

Slipknot – The Dying Song (Time To Sing):

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