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Puissant film choral sur la justice restorative de Jean Héry, I am very pleased with your visit Met at the scene of victims of aggression who negotiate with the aggressors to reassert control of the day.

Introduced in Canada in 1996 and France in 2014, restitution or restitution is a dialogue that involves a dialogue between offenders and offenders, including les deux parties, based on the consequences of séance crimes and leur v. Dowry I am very pleased with your visitJean Hary (elle lador, Student) Along with the performance, without preaching in melodrama, the effect of two types of demarche and scene for the protection of justice compensation.

A viol for Durant Tutte son Enfance, son of Chloe (Adèle Exarchopoulos) and Demi-Frère. The apprentice invites his son to stay at the Quartier, a woman he accuses of acting as an intermediary for his son, Judith (Elodie Bouchez), announces his son’s death. Aggressor Quayle is doing the weight plus never take cruiser. The long process of Chloe’s first death is tragic, tragic, and tragic for Judith.

Pendent ce temps, Judith’s two colleagues, Fanny (Sulien Brahim) and Michel (Jean-Pierre Daroussin), animate three other victims of violence in the Prison des Rencontres, Navelle (Leila Bekhti), Grégoire (Gilles Lellouche) and Sabine (Magistrate Mieu). -Mieu, Mère de la Realisatrice), and the three attackers, Naseem (Dali Bensala), Issa (Birane Ba, Révélation du Film) and Thomas (Fred Testot). He joins the group of two philanthropists, Yvette (Anne Benoit) and Cyril (Pascal Sangla). «On acute, on accuil unconditionalement», Paul (Denis Podalides) and Judith, Fanny and Michel created the Atelier de Formation.

At least the attitudes changed towards the victims, at least towards the perpetrators, Jean Héry Orchestra A scene where there was a moment of pure emotion and a grand moment of cinema, with participants Sélé, Issa en Tête, Brisant Le Cercle Author of Pour Fair Corps Fragile Sabine. Quiconq orit des quants à l’éfficiency de la justice réparatrice pouret bien les padres en voyant ce boulevards film choral ou châcs actores, magnificement mis en valeur par le regard empaint d’empathy de la perfection, jou sais partition à la perfection.

Once a view is accurate and the truth is thought about, I am very pleased with your visit Provides a gallery of specifics and diverse images. However, one person who represents the ex-moms, Le Spectator en Vind à Oublier, is Joe Bourreau, who suffers. Come si chacun lasit tomber sun mask pour reveler sun humanite.

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I am very pleased with your visit


I am very pleased with your visit

jean hairy

Leila Bekhti, Adele Exarchopoulos and Elodie Bouchez

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