‘I love myself as I am’: In a bikini, Yalitza Aparicio sends a powerful message from the beach

Yalitza Aparicio has surprised his followers tonight with a pair of beautiful Photographs from the beaches of oaxaca in which he looks great in bikini.

After his appearance in the film ‘Roma’, directed by Alfonso Cuarón, Yalitza Aparicio has grabbed the headlines of the media, not only because of its Oscar nominationbut also because the Oaxacan teacher proudly promotes and shows off her roots.

Yalitza Aparicio is a proud ambassador of her indigenous roots

In addition, she is one of the few Mexican actresses of indigenous origin to participate in a film of Hollywoodwhich caused controversy among the artistic guild of our country because Yalitza was not an actress before being directed by Cuaron. Although it should be noted that it was the same Mexican director who chose ‘Yali’ for the role.

The actress of ‘Rome’ shared a message of self-love along with the photos in a colorful bikini while enjoying the beautiful Oaxaca beaches:

Every time I have these kinds of photos, I’m embarrassed to share them, because of comments that come up… but I always talk about self-love… and the truth is that I love myself as I am.”

Yalitza Aparicio showing off her natural beauty in Oaxaca

“PD. We haven’t left the tlayudas ??… in Oaxaca it is impossible to stop eating”

With his performance in ‘Roma’ and his Oscar nomination, Yalitza has set the standard so that new actors who do not meet the beauty standards imposed by the film industry can have the opportunity to develop within the artistic medium.

Yalitza Aparicio It is a clear example that dreams can come true. Following her rise to fame, she has starred in campaigns for luxury brands such as Cartier, Rodarte and Prada. She has graced dozens of fashion and lifestyle magazine covers and has also worked with a global shampoo brand.

Despite the multiple criticisms that it has received, mostly because it does not come from a previous acting preparation, Yalitza He has managed to keep his head up, and always sends positive messages through his social networks and encourages his followers to continually prepare.

He even revealed that he is studying the English language, in addition to preparing in other disciplines.

Thus he boasted figure in bikini Yalitza Aparicio, showing that she is proud of her body and that she has no complexes. Also, she inspires her followers to practice self-love.

Yalitza Aparicio showing off her figure in a bikini

Last April 27, Yalitza also surprised with a photo in tiny bikini accompanied by the legend: “Fatties but pretty”. The image was filled with positive comments towards the actress, who appears smiling in the snapshot.

“Chubby but pretty”, Yalitza Aparicio boasted on her Instagram

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