I MERCENARI 3 / On Italia 1 the third part of the saga with Sylvester Stallone

The mercenaries 3, the curiosities of the film

The film The Mercenaries 3 is the third part of the series of the same name born from the screenplay by Sylvester Stallone, as well as director of the first part and main actor. The film was mainly shot between Bulgaria and Greece, particularly in the cities of Verna and Sofia. The film was expected to confirm Bruce Willis in his role in the previous two parts, but due to differences on financial compensation, his character was eventually assigned to Harrison Ford. In addition, Stallone had also predicted the return of Chuck Norris and Jean-Claude Van Damme but for different reasons they no longer took part in the shoot. In the cast of the film we also find Robert Davi in ​​the role of Vata. The actor born in 1951 has also worked as a director and singer. Her debut came in 1984 in Richard Benjamin’s film Please… Don’t Save Me Again. He has worked with great artists such as William Lustig, John McTiernan, Blake Edwards, Paul Lynch and many more.

I mercenari 3, Italy 1 film directed by Patrick Hughes

The mercenaries 3 they will go airing today, Friday 14 January, starting from 21.20 on Italy 1. It is an action film with thriller reminiscences produced in the United States of America in 2014 by Avi and Danny Lerner and directed by Patrick Hughes. The subject is of Sylvester Stallone who also curates the screenplay together with Katrin Benedikt and Creighton Rothenberger.

Sly himself is in the cast of the film along with Jason Statham, Antonio Banderas, Jet Li, Wesley Snipes, Dolph Lundgren and another infinity of great professionals. It is an action film suitable for a rather large audience and suitable for an evening of pure entertainment.

The mercenaries 3, the plot of the film: a thousand more adventures

The mercenaries 3 opens with Barney Ross at the head of the Expendables who attack a train with the intent of freeing Doc, a former mercenary skilled in martial arts and the strategic use of knives and similar tools. Ross explains that in view of the next engagement, his skills could be essential and invites him to join the gang. The aim was to stop a direct shipment of dangerous thermobaric bombs to Somalia. Arriving at the site of the expedition, however, Barney makes an unpleasant surprise; In fact, he discovers that at the head of everything is Conrad Stonebanks, with whom he had given life to the very first line-up of the Expendables and for the most part he believed he had already died by his hand. Thus begins a very strong firefight where friend Hale Caeser is injured. The events lead the mercenary leader to take a drastic decision; face the issue alone and defeat the Expendables. Despite the resistance of the members, the man leaves and heads to Las Vegas where he meets his friend Bonaparte, chosen to help him form a new team ready to finally kill Stonebanks.

Meanwhile, Barney learns of the opponent’s next destination, which is Bucharest. In the city he will have a meeting with a well-known Albanian arms dealer, the right time to try the planned attack. The new group of mercenaries led by Ross make their way to the marked destination the same day, eliminating all the members of the Stonebanks army and capturing the latter after having stunned him. Although they seem to have finally reached their goal, they are met by a helicopter full of enemy henchmen who with a rocket launcher allow their leader to escape, with Barney unconscious falling into a surrounding river. Upon reaching his friends, he learns of a video where the archenemy challenges him to track him down again if he wants the lives of his captured friends to be spared. The leader of the mercenaries does not bat an eye and chooses to take action immediately to end the life of the man. Having found the exact location of Stonebanks, they realize that they have been lured into a real trap; the building where Stonebanks was hiding had been filled with explosives ready to blow up Ross and his companions. After a real guerrilla war between the two factions, the mercenary leader finally has the opportunity to collide head-on with the opponent, finally finding the much-desired revenge. Eventually, when time seems to run out in preparation for the explosion, Barney manages to jump into the helicopter driven by his companions and escape to safety.

Video, the trailer for the film “The mercenaries 3”


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