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The truth behind the singer’s style

andrea martin

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Billie Eilish stars on new cover Diversity, Where he has spoken openly on very personal and intimate topics like his relationship with himself, The 21-year-old singer was talking about the reason behind her very distinctive style with baggy clothes, which has been the reason for theories about having such an unusual style in the music world.

The young woman’s iconic look is characterized by loose clothing., These clothes became his identity. Now, he has explained that the background to this choice goes much deeper than a simple style of dress. The artist began by saying to the magazine, “I wasn’t trying to stop people from sexually exploiting me.” He said, “Maybe the fact that I didn’t really care about being sexual was because I never felt wanted or desirable.”

The American has said that with her clothes she was not avoiding sexuality, which was much discussed on social networks, but that it was the result of her battle with her insecurities: “I never felt like a woman. I never felt desirable. I never felt feminine. “I have to convince myself that I am a beautiful girl.”

“I didn’t want people to have access to my body, not even visually. She wasn’t strong or confident enough to show it. “If I had shown it at the time, I would have been completely devastated if people would have said anything.”, commented about his fear of criticism. Eilish came into the public eye from a very young age, as she released her debut album Where do we go when we all fall asleep? At only 17 years old.

After years of speculation and rumors, the singer has opened up on the issue in a new interview. It is now that we have been able to see the singer in a more attractive look, who has opened up to the public on the matter.

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