I pulled some Kim Kardashian Skims and the jumpsuit looked really silly – I think you’ll see why

A shopper is not too fond of Kim Kardashian Skims after making three purchases and not liking any of the items.

TikTok star Ally Yost tried the brand one more time and was shocked at how ridiculous the combination was – you’ll see why.

She's never liked anything she's bought at Skims before


Although the 41-year-old reality star’s brand has received rave reviews, Ally has never understood why.

In the past, every item she bought was disappointing in one way or another.

In a recent video, she gives Skims one more chance and orders three items to try.

She got each item in a little.

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“That’s the last time I’ll try anything, and if it doesn’t work, that’s it,” says Ally

First, she transforms into the $78 Light Essential Crew Neck Long Sleeve Bodysuit.

Ally bought this item, hoping it would be her perfect fall staple.

“I’m pretty sure you can see my eyes through this, so we’re going to have to wear pasties,” she admits.

Even in the black option, Ally thinks the nipple covers are necessary.

“Honestly, it feels like pantyhose all over your body, but in a really awesome way,” she says.

The stretchy material caused Ally to rethink her original take on the brand.

And so does the softness of the $88 Soft Lounge Long Sleeve Dress.

“Wow okay, the material is so f*****g soft,” Ally proclaims.

“Well, okay, I like that. »

This bodysuit changes her opinion of the brand


She slips into the $128 All-In-One Scoop Neck Long Sleeve Onesie and is starting to miss that last item.

“I feel a bit stupid in this one. I don’t know what I was thinking,” Ally admits.

The material was difficult for her to integrate.

In Ally’s opinion, this onesie looks more like a Kim Kardashian Halloween costume.

The slip dress is very flattering and so soft


The catsuit looks more like a Kim K Halloween costume


She asks, “Do we flop again or do we love each other?” »

Viewers commented on their suggestions and conclusions.

“Okay, listen to me with the catsuit on. Soft white socks, Nike panda dunks, silver accessories and a white handbag! YES,” wrote a helpful woman.

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One honest individual commented: “Hated everything I bought from Skims. »

“The dress looks great on you and I love it, but it gives Morticia Addams,” another viewer joked.

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