I review the murderers who wore the mask

In the late 1990s, filmmaker Wes Craven and screenwriter Kevin Williamson hit the table with the release of Scream. Watch who’s calling, a slasher who it embraced the metacinema, presented a break with the usual rules of horror cinema and surprised by revealing the presence of two murderers. Now, Scream VIwhich opens in theaters on March 10, tribute to the psychopaths who hid behind the mask, the black robe and the voice modulator of Ghostface, in the five previous deliveries.

Throughout the previous five films, Ghostface has been played by up to nine different characters, with very different motives, but a common goal: to kill Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell). A role in which Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega now receive the witness as sisters Sam and Tara Carpenter. Next, we review the identity behind these psychopaths.

Scream. Watch Who’s Calling (1996)

The murderer: Billy Loomis (Skeet Ulrich), boyfriend of Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell), and his great friend Stu Macher (Matthew Lillard) discovered themselves as the first two murderers, twice, in the film directed by Wes Craven in the late 90s .

The victims: Maureen Prescott (Lynn McRee), Steven Orth (Kevin Patrick Walls), Casey Becker (Drew Barrymore), Arthur Himbry (Henry Winkler), Tatum Riley (Rose McGowan) and Kenny Jones (W. Earl Brown).

The mobile: Maureen Prescott, Sidney’s mother, had had an extramarital affair with Billy’s father, causing his mother to abandon him. Thus, the young man’s first victim was Maureen, before beginning the massacre in Woodsboro, driven by her love of horror movies and his desire for revenge. A plan to which his faithful friend Stu soon joined, under his influence and an evident homosexual subtext between the two characters.

scream 2

The murderer: Mrs. Loomis (Laurie Metcalf), Billy’s mother, and Mickey (Timothy Olyphant), a young man looking to become famous by wearing the mask.

The victims : Phil Stevens (Omar Epps), Maureen Evans (Jada Pinkett Smith), Casey “Cici” Cooper (Sarah Michelle Gellar), Randy Meeks (Jamie Kennedy), Agent Richards (Christopher Doyle), Agent Andrews (Philip Pavel), Hallie McDaniel ( Elise Neal) and Derek Feldman (Jerry O’Connell).

The mobile: Under the false identity of reporter Debbie Salt and a different physical appearance, Mrs. Loomis turned out to be the psychopath of the second installment, whose purpose was to avenge the death of her son. A series of murders for which she was helped by a second Ghostface, Mickey, the lover of the movies of stable whose only aspiration was to achieve popularity. A character who was ultimately betrayed and executed by Mrs. Loomis herself.

scream 3

The murderer: Roman Bridger (Scott Foley), Sidney’s stepbrother.

The victims: Christine Hamilton (Kelly Rutherford), Cotton Weary (Liev Schreiber), Sarah Darling (Jenny McCarthy), Steven Stone (Patrick Warburton), Tom Prinze (Matt Keeslar), Angelina Tyler (Emily Mortimer), Tyson Fox (Deon Richmond), Jennifer Jolie (Parker Posey) and John Milton (Lance Henriksen).

The mobile: Knower of Sidney’s traumatic past, before the events of Scream. Watch who’s calling, Roman sought revenge on Sidney for the rejection of their mother. He had been the product of Maureen’s rape by a man in the movie industry, which had caused her to abandon her and later reject her when he came in contact with her. In fact, this was revealed as the person who incited Billy to kill Maureen.

scream 4

The murderer: Jill Roberts (Emma Roberts), Sidney’s cousin, and Charlie Walker (Rory Culkin), a great movie buff and boyfriend in the shadows of the aforementioned.

The victims: Jenny Randall (Aimee Teegarden), Marnie Cooper (Britt Robertson), Olivia Morris (Marielle Jaffe), Rebecca Walters (Alison Brie), Agent Hoss (Adam Brody), Agent Perkins (Anthony Anderson), Kate Roberts (Mary McDonnell), Robbie Mercer (Erik Knudsen) and Trevor Sheldon (Nico Tortorella).

The mobile: Jill’s motivation was the search for fame, recreating the same massacre that her cousin suffered, to become the only survivor and thus a superheroine for Woodsboro. To do this, the young woman collaborated with Charlie, a fan of horror movies, who did not hesitate to join a plan of this caliber, but who was finally betrayed and killed by the villain.

scream 5

The murderer: Richie (Jack Quaid), Sam’s apparent boyfriend, and Amber (Mikey Madison), Sam’s best friend and the former’s real love interest.

The victims: Vince Schneider (Kyle Gallner), Judy Hicks (Marley Shelton), Wes Hicks (Dylan Minnette), Agent Clay, Dwight “Dewey” Riley (David Arquette), and Liv McKenzie (Sonia Ammar).

The mobile: As fans of the franchise stable, Richie and Amber met on an internet forum and claimed to carry out a new massacre in Woodsboro. Sam became the scapegoat, as the biological daughter of serial killer Billy Loomis, in an emulation of the murders in the first installment, which occurred 25 years earlier. As it happened with Stu in the first installment, Richie and Amber did not show a particular interest, beyond the love for what happened and the social pressure.

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