“I saw Cristiano Ronaldo and Zidance Zidane but…”

Thierry Henry faced David Beckham and Roberto Carlos. He was a teammate of Lionel Messi, Zinedine Zidane and Ronaldinho. But when it comes to taking free kicks, no one has surprised him more than Juninho Pernambucano.

By reviewing some videos of the historical charges of the former Brazilian midfielder, we find a formidable testimony in which the French world champion identifies him directly as the best free kick taker of all time.

In part of a documentary (Canal+) that was made about Juninho while he was still playing for the New York Red Bulls, Titi commented:

“What is impressive with Juni is not that he only scores goals from free kicks, but that out of 10 free throws he takes, 8 go on goal. For me, in history, I have never seen a person draw fouls like him. In all history, he is the best in this field. The best by far. Batch”.

Juninho scored 100 official goals with Lyon, which was the club where he stood out the most in his entire career. Well, 44 of those 100 touchdowns he got were free throws. In total, in his career, he celebrated his conversion 77 times by taking a free kick.

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