“I saw that someone is pregnant again” – Photos by Georgina Rodriguez Lancome Duvidas

Georgina Rodriguez Some photos have been shared on social networks and the comments have not gone unnoticed. Opponent for the possibility of companionship of followers Cristiano Ronaldo Getting pregnant again.

The model published photos with the intention of advertising a clothing brand, but what needs to be noted is that it seems to be hiding a sore belly. The matter was commented upon, including ‘Pasadera Vermelha’ by Sic Caras.

“I’m always afraid to be in that position.”Said Nuno Azinheira, Zulmira Ferreira Accrecentou: ““One of Cristiano’s last commemorations after scoring the goal was similar to him making a heart, it also gives something to think about (…) I look like a flea behind the ear”,

“A bella esta a crecer tao depressa” – Eis es resis ao ‘Diario de Bordeaux’ by Georgina Rodríguez

The commentator of the SIC Caras program also pointed out that the football player did not say that “I wanted a football team from Sete”, Remember Cristiano Ronaldo is Pi Day cristianinho, ulnayou moan on the eve And Matthew And beautiful emeraldchild’s dream angelone who does not survive,

“Hey, she’s pregnant, Sim. “There is something strange in all the photos, he will be covered (…) his face is already swollen”They said all answer, Followers also have the same opinion: “I saw that someone is pregnant again”, “She is hiding her belly”, “Georgina is pregnant” And “She’s pregnant again” Here are some examples of comments on photos.

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