“I sent my portfolio and they picked the best looks”

Beyonce wears a ‘Made in Spain’ design in her latest concerts in boston During one of his most publicized concerts, Renaissance World.

B.ayonce He never ceases to surprise with his outfit at each performance of the Sangeet Yatra renaissance world, But it’s the sensuous lingerie set she’s wearing boston, Especially on August 1, that has caught our attention. the reason? this is the work of the Asturian Arturo Obagero. The design under consideration was composed of a bodice which fits perfectly on the figure of the singer, besides high collar And a long semi-transparent skirt In which her curvy legs were visible. A garter belt Anything else fishnet stockings This task of the Spanish confection is accomplished. As a final touch, a cute hat tilted Black ribbon too.

The fashion designer is ecstatic about the news, as she revealed on her Instagram account. “dreams come true”, claimed alongside a snapshot of Beyoncé alongside his creation. And it is not for less as till then the singer had opted for luxury brands like Loewe, Valentino, Jimmy Choo one of two Louis Vuitton by Pharrell Williams, proving that music performances are becoming actual fashion shows.

in the subject jewelry, the artist has once again trusted Tiffany & Co. For designs of earrings, bracelets, rings and anklets. Finally, the shoes chosen have been one of the stilettos. louboutins Black colour.

history of cooperation

a less shocking story and A dream come true for an Asturian designer,diva fan For years In fact, this collaboration was formed after the creative approached Beyoncé’s performance in Paris City where the firm is located. “It all started on May 27, when she gave a concert here in Paris. It was the second time I saw her live and I was stunned. I uploaded several stories on her supportive Instagram Michael Handler I followed the brand, we started commenting, so you can see the power of Instagram, and from there we started talking, because not a stylist but an assistant In other words, it was also an important professional step, betting on me and on him”, explains the couturier in a telephone conversation, still skeptical of what he has achieved.

“I sent my portfolio and they responded by choosing the best looks Because he’s been working with Beyoncé for years and he knows what she likes”, he continues. From there, the exchange of “ideas, sketches, drawings and patterns” continued until the final selection of five looks. Later, Beyonce chose the one she liked the most. The process going ahead was confirmed the same day the firm presented a collection at Paris Fashion Week. They had three weeks to develop the look, which was done in Paris Atelier Sara Couture, The one who creates the creations of firms such as Haute Couture balenciaga And Jean Paul Gaultier, Obagero says. tape were the tasks of Sophie Hallett, “Who makes the best lace in France,” says the designer.

The result, a stunning black look created by combining two garments from the previous collection, Rue de Rome and Homme Fatale. The aesthetics of Old Hollywood and the codes of ‘femme fatale’ and ‘film noir’ are evident in the costume, “a corpulent dress with touches of lingerie and a neckline that gives it a more architectural and serious point”, in the words of its creator. .

Arturo Obagero, pop diva from a small paradise town to conquer

Before Beyoncé, the designer of 29 years were dressed Harry Styles For him Video clip of ‘As It Was’, The theme with which he released his latest album, ‘Harry’s House’, In April 2022. He didn’t expect it then, as he commented in an interview that Yo Donna conducted with him in March: “They told me the look was going to appear in the video, but I thought it would be the look and the rest. Will be from Gucci. I waited till two in the morning to see it live and when I saw this whole video clip with my look, I remained dead.”

designer arturo obguero

For some time, Arturo Obagero has been settled in Paris, Although its origins lie in Casarigo Wall, in Asturias. When he was young, he wanted to devote himself to fashion, an interest he discovered when his aunt gave him a book Yves Saint Laurent. it was his goal to study in Central St Martins London So he started saving to fulfill his dream. However, paying for an entire career at the prestigious school is reserved for the wealthiest, so Obeguero first went to study in La Coruña. After working for a while for a Spanish firm Marcos Luengo moved to London and a week after graduation, he was already working Lanvin. Finally, in 2020 he launched his eponymous firm, which is present in the official calendar of Paris Fashion Week and under which he presented his eighth collection, ‘Man Fatale’, according to Autumn-winter 2023 season.

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