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Damn dust in the eye.

“Mbappé is a crack, he is a great player. We know that this is the present and future of the club. And as a friend and player of PSG, I am very happy that he is extending here. I now sincerely hope that we will write history together.” launched Neymar at the microphone of Premium Video after a sparkling first half against Metz (5-0). Contractually bound until the summer of 2025, the Brazilian will continue to tread the lawn of the Park with Mbappé, to the great pleasure of Mauricio Pochettino.

“Mbappé’s extension? I found out a few minutes before the official communication. It was very important for the club and we are very happy. I have followed the negotiations since my arrival a year and a half ago, there have been different phases. We are especially proud of his sporting developmentconfided the Argentine tactician in a post-match press conference, when we arrived, he was a very criticized player in France who did not always manage to express his full potential, so I am very happy with his progress. His extension is the job of the president and of an entire club and Kylian really identifies with the city. »

Spoiler: Not sure Pochettino is in the game.

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