I thought that America was a serious team

Fabián Domán revealed that they have offered various payment options to the cream-blue team for the transfers of Cecilio Domínguez and Silvio Romero, however, the Coapa board has rejected the proposals.

The sports president of Independent, Fabian Domanassured that he was surprised by the request of the America to FIFA to punish the group of avellanedafor which he assured that the main objective of the Eagles is to harm them.

In interview with ‘TyC Sports‘, the director of the Argentine squad revealed that they have offered various payment options to the cream-blue team for the transfers of Cecilio Dominguez Y Silvio RomeroHowever, the Coapa board has rejected the proposals and stressed that America has lacked seriousness in this case. “He has other objectives, the objective is not to collect, the objective is to damage Independent. We have made five payment proposals, if they had accepted them they would have already collected 25% now and the other 25% in March, but unfortunately América is advised by a person linked to the Gonzalo Verón case, whose objective is also to harm Independiente .

“Now he found himself with a board of directors that confronts the issues, which offers to pay the America and they don’t know what to do anymore. I thought that he America It was a serious team,” he said.

Cesar Caballero of ESPN informed that the azulcremas already sent the petition to the FIFA so that the Argentines cannot make any type of contract during the transfer market because they have not been able to cover the debts they still have with the Mexican team, the Eagles hope that this measure will become official on January 19 when there is a meeting of FIFA.

It should be noted that, for almost two and a half years, the America has done the impossible for Independiente to cover the debt that you have for the transfer of cecilio dominguez Y Silvio RomeroHowever, the Reds have ignored these types of warnings from the Eagles and have simply limited themselves to delaying so as not to pay, a situation that the azulcrema directive is quite annoyed with and they hope that it can soon be put to an end. to this novel.

In this period of time, Independent of avellaneda has proposed several payment schemes to the Mexican group, however, none of these have been attractive because they would settle their debt in two more years, an amount of time that seems excessive to the group of Coapa because it has practically been three years since the operation was carried out and, in fact, neither of the two players is in the ranks of the Argentine first division team.

Despite this situation, America is still pending payment and expects the FIFA somehow forces the South American team to pay what it still has as a debt with the Eagles and that the transfer ban punishment is a situation apart from the monetary issue.

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