“I took the first step, I like it”

marcelo tinelli And millet figueroa They surprised him by confirming their romance with a kiss “Dancing 2023”, In this regard, the Argentinian driver revealed that it was he who made the first move to make the Peruvian dancer fall in love with him.

How did Marcelo Tinelli fall in love with Milet Figueroa?

marcelo tinelli He opened his heart after confirming he was dating Millet Figueroa. The popular Argentinian host revealed that he was very happy with the Peruvian contestant since he saw her on the red carpet “Dancing 2023”.

“I took the first step. For the first time I wrote to him. I don’t remember what I put in it, but it was very formal. “We saw each other in the dancing photo and I said to her: ‘I’m so glad to meet you'”Tinelli narrated.

The Argentine presenter told that he was very surprised by her smile millet figueroa And he said he loved her Peruvian accent.

“I love the way he speaks, the words he uses, when he says ‘with you’, when he says ‘a little bed of rice’, when he uses little words. It gives me morbo. The topic of ‘small bed of rice’ excites me. “I can handle that,” Pure.

Millet Figueroa shares mother with Marcelo Tinelli

At another point in the conversation, marcelo tinelli He revealed that he has already met the model’s mother and even had lunch with the model’s mother millet figueroa, Martha Valcarcel. It should be noted that the Peruvian mother has been very excited about the development of the relationship between her daughter and the Argentine star.

“Mother is here in Argentina. And I said to him: ‘I would like him to come to my house for lunch one day.’ “He came and we ate.”the driver told “Dancing 2023”.

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