“I used a lot of lip fillers and Botox”: Ariana Grande admits she hid behind makeup before turning 25 People Entertainment

“For a long time, beauty was hidden to me,” this is how Ariana Grande described her relationship with cosmetology, a world she came into contact with when she was only 17, due to comments and criticisms . towards him. Person.

Ethan Slater’s wife is “devastated” and has accused her husband of being unfaithful and “abandoning his family” to move in with Ariana Grande, with whom he is recording a movie.

And the 30-year-old, who rose to global stardom with her role as Cat Valentine in the series Victorious, admitted she now thinks makeup is just a form of expression, but she didn’t see it that way before. way.

“Over the years I’ve used a lot of lip fillers and botox. “I stopped working out in 2018 because it was too much for me,” the “Save Your Tears” singer revealed during a video accompanying her makeup routine she did for Vogue magazine.

“I took a lot of antidepressants, I drank alcohol with them and I ate poorly”: Without eyelashes or eyeliner, Ariana Grande recorded a video on TikTok asking to eliminate the criticism they make of her body.

Ariana Grande and her relationship with makeup

“For many years, I used makeup as a disguise (…) more and more hair, thicker and thicker eyeliner… and it can be beautiful, I still like it, but as I “Getting older, I don’t like it anymore,” Ariana Grande said, adding, “It’s a way of intention, but a way of expressing myself.”

At the time, the main defender of the long ponytail indicated that it was difficult for her to understand which comments she should pay attention to and which she should not, however currently her focus is on feeling beautiful about herself and she honestly believes That “aging is a beautiful thing.”

As she spoke, the singer became more emotional about exposing her past insecurities regarding beauty, a topic that remains sensitive for her.

And, as People en Español published, in April the singer spoke out on her TikTok account against cyberbullying due to her thin appearance.


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