‘I want privacy and peace’: Zendaya opens up about her relationship with Tom Holland

Zendayaone of the following rising stars in hollywoodAlso one of the highest paid thanks to her role in the hit HBO series ExcitementHas been talking about how difficult it is to maintain an emotional connection when you are an actress of international repute. Zendaya has revealed that, although she is in love with Tom Holland And he’s happy with that – also an actor and hero of Spider-Man for Marvel -, Sometimes it’s hard to resist the stormy consequences of fame.

Zendaya Opens Up And Talks About What It’s Like To Be In A Relationship As A Hollywood Star: This Is How She Lives With Tom Holland & Stops Him Invading Her Privacy

Tom Holland and Zendaya know how to deal with fame and it has never affected their relationship. The two have tried to maintain their privacy at all costs, and since the rumors of a love affair between the two stars turned true, they have sought the right balance between social media, public appearances and comments about their courtship. is of. This is not just any couple, it is one of the most sought after by photographers and gossip magazines, but despite the constant media attention, both actors have decided not to hide their relationship and maintain a certain naturalness in it. as confessed by zendaya Eliit is not easy.

“I’m in control of the things I choose to share,” says the actress after the success of Excitement Or his role in Spider-Man, things skyrocketed in terms of attention or media coverage. ,I accept that parts of my life are going to be public. I can’t live my life as a human being and love the person I love. But I also have control over the things I choose to share. it’s about protecting the peace And let things be yours, but don’t be afraid of existence. You can’t hide, and it’s not fun either. Now I’m managing it better than ever,” the actress told the American media cited above.


“I am in control of what I want to share”

His statement comes just as Holland, who looks to the future and has confessed he has a serious problem with alcohol, wonders how he can keep his relationship pure and out of the limelight. interpreter of unresolved He always knows how to keep his privacy and protect both his relationship and his current partner from rumors and prying eyes.

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