“I wanted to aspire to something big”

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Argentine Ariana Pérez, Melbourne Rebels player to compete in the Super Wtold in an interview with Scrum how did he join the aussie franchise and his arrival in that country.

“I wanted to aim for something big and I thought of Australia as a world power. One summer I started looking at clubs on Instagram and I sent them videos of me playing. One day the possibility arose and they told me to go there, but they did not cover any cost. My family was always very hard-working, even though we didn’t have any savings to go abroad and with the Argentine economy it became more difficult. That’s when a relative told me to do a fundraiser. At first I didn’t want to because it’s not something you see often, but I finally agreed to do it since I prioritized my dreams over my ego,” he said.

With respect to said collectionthe forward added: “Many people from Mexico (where he played for a while) and from Spain helped me. In any case, the money was still not enough to need such a large amount. One day when I was going to the gym, my coach told me that someone very important in Argentine rugby wanted to talk to me, so I went to that person’s office and explained my situation. He asked me how much I needed and he gave it to me, telling me that something similar happened to him when he failed to reach a high sporting level due to financial issues and he didn’t want anyone to go through the same thing”, he pointed out.

On the other hand, before reaching Rebels, Pérez was a sevens player, and about the transition that she presents to be now at 15, she declared: “At first it was a bit weird and hard to understand, even though the basic skills were there. It is more strategic and not as intense as the reduced one. In any case, I am very predisposed to learning and I am enjoying it very much”. In addition, he revealed that because of his size he believed that “She was going to play as a center and even more so when compared to the great height of the Australians”. Finally, they placed it as a wing.

He Super W will start the friday march 24 and will be made up of six franchises: Fijian Drua, Rebels, Western Force, Reds, Brumbies and Waratahs. The debut of Pérez’s team It will be on Saturday the 25th against Reds. In turn, they will dispute five dates with a round-robin format and then, on April 30, the semifinalswhile on May 6 will be played the final.

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