“I was able to cheer him up like a puppy”


Frank Rijkaardcoach of Barcelona between the 2003 and 2008 seasons, he is remembered for being the coach who made his debut Leo Messi in an official match with the Barça first team on October 16, 2004 against Spanish.

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The Dutchman doesn’t speak much but this time he has decided to give an interview to ‘Helden Magazine’, where he spoke about the Argentine star of psg.

Rijkaard has revealed how his reunion with Leo Messi Years later, he also assures that he looked at him once he won the World Cup.

“It’s not like tears rolled down my cheeks after the World Cup final, but I was able to cheer him up like a puppy because Messi had done it. I was watching the final between Argentina and France, mainly as a follower of Messi. I think he got what he deserved, ”Rijkaard began by saying.

In 2017, the Dutch coach and Leo Messi they met again “My son Santi really wanted to see a Barcelona game. I wasn’t much of a stadium fan at the time. I got the tickets through the team representative, Carles Naval. Carles said: “Then come to a training session”, he says.

Then delve. “Messi was super nice and accessible. We hugged and took photos. That was, of course, especially fun for my son. When I met Messi again after a long time, he made me feel something special. He has become the great star that the entire football world is watching with their mouths open ”.

Frank Rijkaard also said in the same interview with ‘Helden Magazine’. “Actually, I am a bit strange and have a complicated character. I’m not a big fan of giving interviews. I don’t really like cameras pointed at me either. But these are things I feel compelled to do from time to time. By the way, ‘mandatory’ is not the right word. Because just like Johan (Cruyff), I also do things with my heart, otherwise I really wouldn’t do it.

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