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On February 5, social networks exploded with memes due to the “boredom” face that Jennifer Lopez’s husband, Ben Affleck, wore at the Grammys, although the actor recently denied these assertions.

And it is that, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the American explained that he did have fun at the event, that his expression was due to the fact that he did not recognize the artists, in addition to the fact that it was difficult for him to “keep up” with the awards and of each number.

In this way, the protagonist of “Aguas profundas” also assured that at no time did he fight seriously with his wife, who always takes care of him, according to Infobae.

“I didn’t know they were recording. I leaned over to her and said, ‘As soon as they start broadcasting, I’m going to walk away from you and leave you sitting next to Trevor,'” to which the singer replied, “You better not go.”

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How is the dynamic between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck?

As published by CNN, the actor remains inactive on social networks and delegates the issue to JLo, because he believes that any false comment or act can end a career.

He stressed that he previously had a bad experience with an interview, in which his statements were distorted to create headlines in which he blamed his ex-wife Jennifer Garner for his alcoholism.

It is perhaps for this reason that, in his public appearances, he is usually defensive, an attitude that little by little he has been overcoming thanks to his wife, says Billboard!

Jennifer Lopez joins Ben Affleck’s memes: “Look at my husband’s happy face”

“[Ella] tells me now: ‘Relax, be yourself. Have fun. In fact, you are a funny guy who is true and genuine, and you seem so serious,’” he expressed. “Take care of me. Try to help me. So maybe I should listen to her.”


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