“I was living the moment”: Lupillo Rivera made Belinda cry, revealed Mayeli Alonso

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The second season of “La Casa de los Famosos” was recently released and the participants have given much to talk about. Mayeli Alonso, who was married to Lupillo Rivera, revealed details of the secret relationship that her ex had with Belinda.

The businesswoman, who was married to the interpreter of “Suffering alone” from 2006 to 2019, said that her ex-husband was only “living in the moment” when he secretly had an affair with BelindaIt is also common for the singer to get tattoos for a woman.

“What a show! She went to my house… I even cried for her. She finished the story because… that guy is a bastard, that guy was living in the moment“, he commented.

Mayeli Alonso was married to Lupillo Rivera from 2006 to 2019.
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The famous commented that the tattoo of Belinda It was not the first that was made of a woman, because on a previous occasion a design was made on her body of one of her former friends of the businesswoman, with whom she walked with her in the love plan.

“That guy tattoos everyone, after me, she was with one of my ex best friends and she got it tattooed too”, he commented. After her confession, Niurka Marcos asked her if she had also had a tattoo in her honor and she answered specifically: “My soul.” On the other hand, she revealed what she did with the engagement ring that her ex-husband Lupillo Rivera gave her.

In his conversation with Brenda Zambrano and Lewis Mendoza, The famous one explained that the ring that Lupillo gave her was very expensive, even, she has already spoken with her daughter that if it is missing, she will sell it and buy a house.

“What you lived is lived. I for example, I have three engagement rings. With the one in the middle, he already sent me to make a necklace… the one that my ex-husband (Lupillo Rivera) gave me, I have it saved. I told my daughter look at this in an emergency you sell it, that is okay, and you buy a house, “she commented.

This is what Mayeli Alonso did with the ring that Lupillo Rivera gave her

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