I was the victim of misogyny!


Megan Fox began acting in some TV series in the United States to only 15 anni, progressively gained notoriety and public and also love, because on one of these sets he met his ex-husband Brian Austin Green. She became a real movie star after the 2007, when he split the screen as the absolute protagonist in Transformers of Michael Bay and finally icon in role cheerleader/demon eats men in Karyn Kusama, Jennifer’s body. But it’s not all gold that glitters…

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In fact, in a recent interview for the Washington Post Megan is back to talking about a sad and despicable episode that happened to her on set. After a deep analysis, the actress realized that each of her role, action or public release were analyzed openly misogynist. An example? The famous interview of 2009, where Fox revealed that the director Bay it almost forced her to stay in bikini and heel 12during an audition at only 15 years old. She was a minor at the time, so Bay couldn’t harass her in a bar in front of everyone, so she found the disgusting solution of locking yourself up on set. The conductor Kimmel, supported by the public, had mocked and defined it “liar” and “poor”.

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Precisely for these reasons Megan has defined this period as one of the darkest of his life, characterized by frustration to never see his recognized talent like his colleagues, but only his sex appeal. “I was so lost, and I was trying to figure out how I could take advantage of such a horrible, patriarchal and misogynistic situation that Hollywood was at the time! I think for a long time I was perceived as a succubus, a superficial one and instead it was just the perverse and misogynistic mechanism with which Hollywood treated me”, megan had stated.

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It wasn’t the first time Fox had brought up the problem, but everyone, including the other women, they had never listened to her all the way, indeed they simply criticized her for having done so. To have given her an escape was her first pregnancy. The forced break from work allowed her to move away from thatsick environment, to restore priority to his life and subsequently to his career. hers fight against Hollywood misogyny it has not stopped, the 35 years old he continued to talk about it openly and is happy that today the media and the public pay more attention to what is said and that they listen, without any kind of prejudice, his point of view.

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