‘I wasn’t a star anymore’: When Miley Cyrus talked about her ‘identity crisis’ after starring in Hannah Montana

Miley Cyrus once shared a revelation during an episode of the Rock This with Allison Hagendorf podcast, where she discussed the intense “identity crisis” she went through after portraying Disney Channel’s beloved character, Hannah Montana. It had become hard. The former child star, best known for her iconic role on the popular show, didn’t shy away from confronting her inner turmoil during those crucial formative years.

When Miley Cyrus felt lost in the spotlight

In an episode of the Rock This with Allison Hagendorf podcast, Miley Cyrus Miley Stewart, shared the complexities of her double life as a regular teenager and her pop star alter ego, hannah montana, He confessed that due to this duality he constantly struggled to distinguish his true self from the character he played on screen. “Talk about an identity crisis,” she commented, reflecting on a time when she felt like she was a character almost as often as she was herself.

One of the central themes of Hannah Montana was the contrast between the adoration associated with her pop star persona and the indifference she faced when it was not in character. The Zedd singer revealed that the show made her believe that without the iconic wig and Hannah Montana persona, she would no longer be a star in the eyes of the world. “And then the concept was that when I looked like me, when I didn’t have a wig, no one cared about me, I wasn’t a star anymore. That was ingrained in my mind, like without Hannah Hey Montana, nobody cares about you,” Cyrus lamented.

Reportedly, this struggle with her dual identity was not limited to mere layers of imagination. miley It turned out that the pressure to maintain his public image extended to his real life as well. She explained that she had become acutely aware of how people felt about her and would, at times, deliberately manipulate those perceptions in order to gain attention.

Miley Cyrus Beyond Hannah Montana

According to reports, as Cyrus matured and moved on from her Hannah Montana days, she began to shed the constructed image imposed on her. In interviews and public appearances, he displayed a new authenticity when discussing his journey toward sobriety, his marriage, and his evolving public image.

Miley Cyrus’s recent releases

Miley’s latest album has been released endless summer holidaysfeaturing lead singles flowers, This is an important milestone in his artistic development. The single, described as the culmination of her journey from her Hannah Montana days to her current world-weary adulthood, reflects her growth as both an artist and a person.

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