“I will never forgive him because…”

In November 2010 and for a friendly match between Portugal and Spain, Cristiano Ronaldo scored what would have been the best goal of his entire career. Yes, in 2010 and when he was already 25 years old, in full bloom, on his debut at Real Madrid. It was a spectacular goal against the new world champion, but everything was ruined. Or rather, someone screwed it up.

“The guilty” was a colleague of his, Luís Carlos Almeida da Cunha, also known as Nani. Cristiano started from the left side, as usual, he beat Pique in speed, beat Puyol and when he had a millimeter of space, he sent the ball to Casillas, his Madrid teammate. It was a success. And he even celebrated it.

The best ‘no goal’ of Cristiano’s career

But moments later, he was furious. The referee signaled an offside. From whom? It was from Nani, the last one who touched the ball while it was still in the air and had not entered. If Nani hadn’t touched it, it would have been a legal goal.

But no. And Christian exploded, as seen in the video. The game is famous and marked by the Manchester United player, who has apologized for years, such as in 2020.

“I think he got mad at the referee”said Nani in a podcast: “Everyone misunderstood it, he (Cristiano) was angry with the referee because the ball was already in it and they made a wrong decision. Imagine if the ball had not. I had not entered and I did not touch it. I wasn’t moved, if you see the video. Obviously, I had no intention of depriving him of the goal. At that time, I told him that I was sorry because he was a beautiful goal.

Cristiano Ronaldo exploded after the goal was canceled

Nani continued: “For me that goal still exists, just cut the part where I touch the ball. Thank goodness he doesn’t need that purpose to be who he is. He has so many goals to choose from and enjoy his career.”

However, part of the blame lies with the striker, who has been a great teammate for CR7 throughout his career in the Portuguese national team. In an interview for Oh My Goal in 2019, Nani felt guilty.

“It was a time when I was too fast. That’s no excuse because after seeing it I was like, ‘Wow, what a mistake I made.’ Because I killed a beautiful goal, one of the most beautiful goals. needs this goal. He can choose several. I scored a great goal in a fantastic game against Spain. The goal, for me, is still there. I was not moved and the ball was already in.

What happened to Cristiano afterwards?

Well, as we wrote above, Cristiano Ronaldo and Nani were great teammates, first at United, and for many years in the Portugal squad:

“I told him I was wrong. I should have thrown my head back or something. But I was so slow, everything was so fast, that I touched the ball. But no one will understand it that way. They will only say that I spoiled Cristiano’s goal. But, as I said, Cristiano doesn’t need this goal at all, because he has everything. in life, he has won everything. It is not because of this objective that he will stop being the best in the world”.

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