‘I would love to do it’: Keanu Reeves has a condition to do ‘Speed ​​3’ and it is amazing

Keanu Reeveswhich is just hours away from breaking box office records with john wick 4 in its theatrical release, it does not close the door on Speed ​​3. We are talking about a film that would continue what was told in 1994tape in which Reeves embodied Jack Traven and began his journey as an action hero. As he tries to pull off Constantine 2, Reeves drops what he thinks of the third installment of the saga and what is his requirement to start shooting it.

Reeves wants to do Speed ​​3 but you have some requests to get down to business

The screenwriter Graham Yostresponsible of Speed, he had created a special police officer, maverick and very braggart, but one that Reeves did not quite like. That is why he asked a young Joss Whedon, who worked as an uncredited screenwriter, to make him more educated and good. And I got it. The tape, which I put him on a bus with Sandra Bullock that couldn’t slow down or it would end up exploding, it was a box office success and consolidated the figure of Jan de Bont as an action film director. Reeves is angry with the director -it is said that they did not end well- and with the producer, he was not in the second part set on a ship -which was a failure-, but he wants to return in a third part.

I only ask for a great story, a great script

Sandra Bullock has made jokes about it, De Bont is for the job -if the cast agrees to it- and Reeves, in full promotion of john wick 4He says yes, but with one big condition. “Of course he’ll be back,” says Reeves, who would never say no, as he’s so fond of the character. “Of course, he would return with a great story, a great script”, he concluded. Reeves wants to reconnect with his past, he has said so on other occasions, and he wants to return to movies that made him famous in his day. he did it with The adventures of Bill and Tedwith Matrix, premiering Matrix Resurrections at the end of 2021 and you can do it with the aforementioned Constantine.

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