Ibai Llanos, Casillas, Piqué and Shakira lose the Twitter verification

While Hillary Clinton, José Luis Martínez-Almeida or the Pope remain unverified, profiles such as Pablo Iglesias or Rita Maestre maintain the blue check as they are Twitter Blue subscribers for almost ten euros a month

It doesn’t matter if you’ve won a oscar as Lady Gaga, you have co-founded one of the largest software companies in the world as Bill Gates or even if you are the Dad; Elon Musk he offers no concessions or mercy. If you don’t pay, you don’t deserve verification, the famous check blue which was awarded for relevance. As of this Thursday, if you don’t pay, your merits and followers don’t matter, for the blue bird’s social network you are insignificant. Not even the founder himself Twitter Jack Dorsey seems to be worthy of the free verified.

There have been several notices already, at the end of March thousands of tweeters left their last messages before saying goodbye to the blue check that was given to them for relevance on Twitter. Actors, journalists, youtubers, public figures of all kinds of profiles. There were his posthumous messages as notorious figures within this virtual ecosystem. However, hours later everything was left in a fright and the earth continued to spin.

However, this afternoon the calm waters began to agitate, one after another famous people from here and there have fallen, international as Katty Perry, Justin Bieber, Halley Berry, Tom Cruise, Rey Mysterio, Jack Black, Eva Green, Hillary Clinton (in fact, your husband hasn’t lost it thanks to his subscription to Twitter Blue) or Boris Johnson. Personalities that catch closer, Ibai Llanos, Iker Casillas, David Bisbal, Sergio Ramos, Cristiano Ronaldo or Andrés Iniesta.

Neither Gerard Piqué nor his ex-wife Shakira. Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem They have also stopped being people to stand out according to this new movement by Elon Musk. Famous homelands of younger generations have not been spared from this sieve either. they stay out Aitana, David Bustamante, Chenoa, Belén Esteban, Mónica Naranjo, Jorge Javier Vázquez, Alex de la Iglesia, Kiko Matamoros or Terelu Campos.

Payment verification, in addition to other benefits such as the ability to write 10,000 character tweets (4,000 outside the US) or put it in bold and italics, in less than a month it has gone from costing eight euros to rising to 9.68 per month. This sudden and massive selection of free verified users follows the line of other movements of the tycoon who owns the social network, which seems to be hunting and capturing subscribers, since it is estimated that it only has 290,000 paying members globally. That is, only 0.1% of the 250 million daily active users that Twitter has pay the subscription.

It is true in the case of many politicians, such as Pedro Sánchez, Yolanda Díaz, Joe Biden or Volodímir Zelenski, They have a special verified in gray color, which specifies that this “account is verified because it is the account of a governmental or multilateral organization”. The reason is that Twitter also has a particular form for organizations and companies, which also allows not only to have this verified but to have others for the associated accounts.

Although it is also paid, specifically 950 euros per month for the main account and 50 euros more for each affiliate account. In addition, there are different indicators, gold for verified companies and gray for government companies.

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