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After serving in the military Man Utdin 2018 Zlatan Ibrahimovic surprised to sign with him THE GalaxyYteam in which he played for two seasons and then returned to soccer Old continent and join the ranks of the AC Milan. Although he failed to win any title with the California team, the Swedish striker he proclaimed himself the best player who has had the Major League Soccer (MLS).

“I am very happy. I am very grateful to MLS because they gave me the opportunity to feel alive. But the problem was that he was still too much alive. So it was too good for all the competition. That’s what I showed. I am the best that has played in the MLS and that’s not for having ego or trying to show off now. That’s true,” she mentioned in an interview with Gab & Jul Shows of ESPN.

Likewise, the 40-year-old player stressed that enjoyed the stage he lived as an element of the LA Galaxy, in addition to referring to the atmosphere that is experienced in the games of the American league. “When I was there, enjoy it. I had a good time. And I liked the way they worked, the way they did marketing things,” he said.

“And I think (playing in MLS) was the best way to come back after my injury. I was in the best condition of my life. And I’m very proud to have played for the mls because they told me that the stadiums are empty when you play in that. There were no empty stadiums when he played. There was even overbooking so I can’t complain and I am very happy to have been there“, he shared.

Is Zlatan returning to MLS?

In the same talk Ibrahimovic did not rule out his return to MLSalthough I would do it in a different way, since I could follow the steps of david beckham with InterMiami.

“You never know, maybe one day i will come back“, he commented. “So, to show them how, to remind them what real football is. It was like that for two years. They got to see what real football is and I think they’ll never see anything like it before. Maybe I’ll go back and have my own clubb, you’ll never know,” he added.

Ibrahimovic’s best goals in MLS

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