Idris Elba and the time he nearly died in American Gangster

Idris Elba was convinced he was dying from that accident on set!

American Gangster is a 2007 film directed by Ridley Scott, with an all star cast. Among the many interpreters we find Idris Elba – at the time at the beginning of his career – who shared some burning details about some background that took place on the set of the film. In particular, the actor commented on the scene in which his character is shot by Frank, played by Denzel Washington. Although the shot was blank, the recoil of the gun was so strong that Elba believed he had been shot in earnest.

To explain the reason for such a great fear, it was the director himself al Daily Mail: “What happened is that I said to Idris ‘Listen, when he points the gun to your head, lean on the gun.’ Because, by the way, this is a pistol with a solid barrel; there is no opening. I would never risk it. But when you pull the trigger there is a recoil. There is no empty space, nothing ”.

Idris Elba, at the moment of the shot, fell on the sidewalk. L’firearms expert present on the set – Paul Bidiss – however reiterated that for the actor there was never any real danger.

He was still able to create a recoil effect for the purposes of the film by using something used in the films called the UTM round which can be inserted into a firearm that has had the barrel fully filled and still causes a kickback. It’s like a little silver box with compressed air reacting. Can be used repeatedly for a recoil effect each time.

An interesting anecdote that Ridley Scott, Idris Elba and Denzel Washington still remember years later. Although now they can even laugh about it, that moment for Elba must have been very scary. If you want to review the scene in question, American Gangster is available in streaming on Netflix And Prime Video and on demand on Sky.

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