If a AAA game started development today, it would most likely come out on PS6

Video game development takes a long time. From having the initial idea, developing the documentation, hiring the necessary team and more… In its day, it was considered that two years of development for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was a long time, but today it is what it would take to come out an indie game that lasts a few hours, at best.

The year 2023 has just begun, three years after the PS5 came out and this year is expected to be the first in which it begins to be possible to buy a console without having to reserve it in the store. Ditto for the Xbox series X. With that, one might expect great games to be developed for PS5, but really, We should already be waiting for PS6 gamesif they started developing today, if the green light was given to the development seeing that there will be more PS5 consoles sold.

The development of great games is taking forever

This comes from a data that Bloomberg video game reporter Jason Scheier has given, who put it as “curious fact” on his Twitter account:

Video game production cycles have gotten so long that if a big-budget game studio started working on a new project today, it would probably be for the PlayStation 6.

Jason Schreier, Bloomberg reporter

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Do you mean by this that we are not going to have games for PS5? No, but if an event from a major developer happened now and he made his own studio, as Hideo Kojima did when he left Konami before developing Death Stranding; It wouldn’t be a PS5 project unless it was a big project. If the PS6 is speculated to launch in 2028, it means that big developments take close to five years to finish from start to finish until they’re ready to hit stores.

This is why there are more and more small-caliber games grabbing the attention of players. Because they have shorter development times, and they fill the release schedules that the big studios are having a hard time filling. So, if today you see a game announced for PS5 that will be out as early as 2024, it will have been in development for about three years, possibly. The development time of games is something that we are all going to notice, mostly, that we are going to have fewer high-caliber titles to play, which has been greatly aggravated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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