If another attack occurs, the mayor of Orizaba will likely be responsible: Jairo Guarneros Sosa.

Manuela V. Carmona

Orizaba, Ver., November 16, 2023.- Orizaba Mayor Juan Manuel Díaz Francos said that activist Jairo Guarneros Sosa should not live in Orizaba while representing taxi drivers demonstrating against the “Gallo” transportation service provided by the City Council, the above reminded in July 2016 , He faced attack when he demonstrated against the municipal administration, which is why he indicated that if a similar situation arises again, the mayor and his administration can bear some responsibility.

He expressed regret over the actions of the municipal president, as he assured that with the issue of “cock and owl” he is victimizing himself, hiding behind the most vulnerable citizens, while for many years he has persecuted them. , like when they evicted them. Zapata market vendors or when they took goods from street vendors.

“This is not the first time, this is the second time that they have indicated me as persona non grata, after this accusation that it was my protest against the statue of Porfirio Díaz, after which I suffered an armed attack in Orizaba, I point this out to make it clear that if I again become the target of an armed attack in their municipality, there will likely be responsibility on the part of the municipal authorities, and especially the municipality president.

In a press conference, he said that he was attacked with a gun when he demonstrated in support of taxi drivers in the city against the actions of the city police under the command of then Mayor Juan Manuel Díaz. “It was also because of the conflict with his officers and with the person who was in charge of his police at that time, because of the conflict with a fellow taxi driver and the reaction was that he shot me in the chest, later he Then, it happened three times that the man intended to run me over and run away from Orizaba.

He reminded that the displeasure of the city council officials on this occasion is due to the support given to the demonstrations of the taxi union, when the city council implemented a public passenger transportation route with a cost of 5 pesos per person, because they Gave assurance. They did not have the necessary permits to provide this service, while taxi drivers and other concessionaires would have to complete and cover various procedures.

Finally, he assured that although the Orizaba City Council intends to provide transportation service for free, it cannot do so because it does not have the right to do so, which is why the mayor said that he only demonstrated That laws “pass them through the triumphal arch.”

It is noteworthy that Guarneros Sosa is a human rights defender and a member of the Cihuatlhatoli AC feminist group, as well as a leader of the HIV/AIDS and STI multisector group of the state of Veracruz of the Mexican Sex Work Network. Independent regional group of taxi drivers of Orizaba. (Shout), member of a search group for missing persons and follower of the EZLN’s sixth declaration of the Lacandon Jungle.

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