“If I knew what I was going to [grosería] do, there would be [grosería] done”

The veteran quarterback made it clear that he has not yet defined what will be the next step in his NFL career.

The Veteran Quarterback Tom Brady erupted during his Let’s Go! podcast, after fellow member Jim Gray asked him a question about his future.

Gray asked Tom Brady if you had a deadline to take a decision.

Tomyou’re leaving everyone wondering, you said you’d take your time, do you have some kind of deadline on what you want to do with your football career?” Gray asked.

“Jim, if i knew what i was going to [grosería] do, there would be [grosería] done“, answered Tom Brady in an annoying tone. “I’m taking it one day at a time. I appreciate you asking. Thank you.

The contract of Tom Brady With the Tampa Bay Buccaneers it will end at the end of the season and due to a “no tag” clause, the Bucs cannot designate the quarterback as a franchise player and if they do not reach an agreement the veteran will become a free agent without restrictions to his rights. 45 years old, so he could sign with any NFL team.

A year ago, Tom Brady decided to retire in the offseason only to reverse his decision 40 days later.

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Tom Bradywho began his NFL career in 2000 with the New England Patriots, was signed by the Buccaneers ahead of the 2020 season, leading the franchise to the Super Bowl title that year.

In his carrer, Tom Brady He owns the most records at quarterback, amassing 7,753 completions in 12,050 attempts for 89,214 yards with 649 touchdowns and 212 interceptions, and boasts a 251-82 record as a starter.

In addition to his seven Super Bowl titles, Tom Brady he has 15 trips to the Pro Bowl, three first-team All-Pro selections and three NFL MVP nominations.

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