“If I were rich, I would make sure I had the best possible taste” Architectural Digest Spain

rosen got it The creations of these creators are repeated again and again in homes celebrities. “There are so many talented artists out there whose work is compelling, multifaceted, aesthetically bold… and yet, Many times there is not even a single artifact in these houses, or if so, are they of the kind that have such soft imitative superficiality Due to which the whole house becomes cheaper immediately. they often give the impression of being Artifacts that a child would decorate their room with”, says Rosen.

this is something that also happens with some pieces of furniture, which are repeated in all types of havelis. In the video the comedian asks, “You have money, why don’t you develop your style?” Furniture that rich people have to give up.

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In fact, the question is exactly this: If a millionaire can have it all, why just copy? “Because developing your own taste is very difficult, and it takes time and thought. Is necessary Don’t Think of Objects as Just Status SymbolsBut as things that you really want to be with, that reflect your personality, that add up to a cohesive whole,” explains Rosen.

“And since it’s hard enough, why bother: Hiring someone is very easy To tell you what to buy, who will only tell you The hottest items to make your home look like a ‘rich man’s home’ And that your money is well spent. and because we live in a culture where Images of status and taste spreadYou can see what other rich people are doing and you don’t have to risk something that catches your eye, just a copy and paste; Everyone will come to your house and agree that you are really rich, Well, you have the perfect interior design to prove it”, he reflects.


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