If Mauga is Maui from Overwatch 2, Venture is his Rek’Sai


  • BlizzCon 2023 revealed major hero announcements for Overwatch 2, including a new tank named Mauga, a support hero codenamed “Space Ranger,” and a DPS named Venture.
  • Venture, the 18th damage character and 40th hero overall, is expected to join the roster in Season 10, likely in March 2024.
  • Venture’s gameplay and abilities, including dirt digging and high mobility, suggest a new direction for Overwatch 2 and encourage DPS players to flank more effectively.

As expected, BlizzCon 2023 provided a treasure trove of information, especially when it comes to supervision 2. Major hero announcements included a new tank named Mauga, a support hero codenamed “Space Ranger,” and a DPS named Venture. While the supervision 2 The community quickly compared Mauga to Disney’s Maui since moanaThey’ve talked less about characters who share several similar qualities to Venture.

Venture will be the 18th highest damage character in the game and the 40th hero overall. The archaeologist is expected to join the roster in Season 10, as Mauga will make his debut in Season 8. Additionally, based on the length of past seasons, this means Venture should be playable sometime in March 2024. .

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Overwatch 2 is taking a page from several playbooks

Overwatch Adventure 2-1

Venture parallels can be drawn from the way his character is portrayed, which varies from the visual and stylized similarities that Mauga and Maui share. One of the most notable parts of the brief gameplay footage shown of Venture at BlizzCon 2023 is how the hero digs through the dirt. Venture’s underground exploits are reminiscent of the Ground-type Pokémon Diglett or hollow knight‘s Dung Defender, although the animation is more similar to Splatoon 3It’s because of mechanics.

Venture is like Rek’Sai from League of Legends

Rek'Sai League of Legends

Rek’Sai has quite a bit in common with Venture, especially since both characters are from highly competitive team games. While supervision 2 It cannot be classified as a MOBA like League of Legends, has many of the same qualities. When Rek’Sai was added to Riot’s battlefield, he made a splash with his Burrow and Unborrow abilities that allow him to create underground passages. Based on the gameplay available, it seems that Venture’s digging ability can also be useful for flanking. In addition to this, although not much is known about Venture, it seems that both share other characteristics:

  • High mobility
  • Built to cause damage
  • Digging can be advantageous in avoiding enemy damage.
  • Coming out of a burrow deals damage to enemies.
  • Connected to the story of the game

It seems that Venture’s digging ability can also be useful for flanking.

Venture may signal a new direction for Overwatch 2

Over time, the Supervision The franchise has become known for adding characters with interesting utility. Although Venture may share a connection with the Deathmatch map Petra, due to the logo on her sleeve, her abilities are unlike anything seen before in the hero shooter. They present a completely new way to interact with the environment and can encourage DPS to flank more. Perhaps in future seasons, Blizzard will find more game-changing avenues similar to what they’ve done with Mauga’s Cage Fight Ultimate. After all, some members of the community are already expecting a fully melee DPS or someone who can trade places with another character.

On top of this, Venture’s stats are already quite intriguing. At this time, they will be invulnerable for 4 seconds when on Dig, which has an 8-second cooldown. This could act similarly to Reaper’s Wraith Form or Moira’s Fade, but with the added twist that those near Venture, when emerging from the ground, will automatically take 75 damage.

The numbers reported above are taken from gameplay footage shown at BlizzCon 2023. They are subject to change when Venture officially launches.

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