If Miguel Jiménez does not convince in Chivas, Paunovic has an ace up his sleeve and it is not Raúl Rangel

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The rojiblanco goalkeeper has been a starter in the two recent tournaments, but there is a young man who sooner or later will be on his heels.

The novelty in the Chivas goal that will be on the lookout for Miguel Jiménez: It is not Rangel, nor Toño Rodríguez
© Imago7The novelty in the Chivas goal that will be on the lookout for Miguel Jiménez: It is not Rangel, nor Toño Rodríguez

At Club Guadalajara, perhaps the player who has felt most supported by the new project led by Fernando Hierro in sports management and Veljko Paunović on the bench has been the goalkeeper Miguel Jiménez, who in reality has not responded as expected either by committing a series of blunders that made the rojiblanco team look bad at decisive moments of the preseason.

But this is not new since throughout 2022 while the Wacho became the starting goalkeeper of the Sacred Flock He also fell into a series of doubts that earned the Guadalajara some goals, however, in several duels his performances were outstanding to avoid the fall of the goalwhich generates a dose of uncertainty to know if at some point the three posts will be well protected for the Clausura 2023.

Some fans have expressed their disagreement with the actions of Jiménez, in response to this they ask that the youthful José Raúl Rangel be given greater opportunities, who the previous season was chosen as the second goalkeeper but in Liga MX he has not seen activity, but His performances in the preseason left a good taste, especially against Atlas in the Clásico Tapatío.

Eduardo García, the ace up his sleeve for the goal

Behind both Guadalajara goalkeepers there is a young man who is also looking to consolidate himself in the institution and at least in the Tapatío of the Expansion League he is achieving it, since just in his first campaign Eduardo García was highlighted as one of the best in the silver division in Mexico, showing that If Veljko Paunović wishes, he can count on his services at any time, especially if Jiménez’s doubts and mistakes prevail.

Survey Does Jiménez convince you to be a starter in Chivas?

Does Jiménez convince you to be a starter in Chivas?

Yes, you have done very well

Not really, I prefer Tala

No, better look for other options


Eduardo García is 20 years old and completed a semester in the Tapatío squad:“Another of the promises to follow for the #Clausura2023 is without a doubt Eduardo García, @TapatioCD goalkeeper with extensive training in @Chivas and in the Mexican National Team”, It was part of what they posted on their Twitter account.

García was born in 1991 and has been a Mexican World Cup player with the Tricolor Sub-17, He has lived through all the processes with Guadalajara since the Sub-13 and the Previous season he was considered by Tapatío to become the new jewel of the rojiblanca goal.

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