‘If there is an injustice, let those who have to pay pay,’ says Martín Lasarte, a former technician from Chile, alluding to the Byron Castillo issue | Soccer | Sports

Martín Lasarte, the coach who led Chile in the qualifying round for Qatar 2022 since February 2021, indicated that they had previously mentioned to him, from Paraguay, the issue of the alleged irregularities in the nationality of the involved Barcelona SC footballer and the national team. , Byron Castillo; however, they did not take it into account.

“I’m trying to stay a little apart from everything. At the time, we got the data. Someone from Paraguay told us and I let Patricio Jerez know. I believe that they (Paraguay) also claimed at the time. I raised the issue, and the claim came to nothing; They told me I had no support. You had to comply with certain hours that FIFA gives you to make complaints; It was all a formality, ”said the strategist in conversation with the newspaper Third.

The coach hopes that there will be a prompt resolution on the case by FIFA, which, if favorable, could take Chile to the World Cup through administrative channels.

“I hope that, if there is an injustice, that those who should pay pay. I will always wish the best for Chile”, indicated the Uruguayan coach.

Chile met Ecuador on September 5, 2021, in Quito, in a duel that ended in a goalless draw. Months later, precisely on November 16, both teams met again. This time, in San Carlos de Apoquindo, in a match in which La Roja fell 0-2 against those led by Gustavo Alfaro. (D)

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