If they give me 400 children, we put them in cages – Rosa Belmonte

Two women, Martha and Jennifer. Martha Mitchell and Jennifer Lopez. The first, dead. The second, very alive. Two documentaries on Netflix. Startz’s series with Julia Roberts on Watergate and Martha Mitchel, wife of the attorney general and Nixon’s right-hand man, is a kill he hasn’t shot. A waste. A kind of thick of it without intending it. Was everyone an idiot at Watergate? The documentary The Martha Mitchell Effect it’s much better than the series Gaslit. The ‘effect’ in psychiatry with his name is only said at the end on a sign, it’s not about that. It’s about Martha Mitchel at Watergate. Of her television interventions, of her treatment in the press, of the jokes with her on the phone (to which she lent herself), of Nixon saying that without Martha there would have been no Watergate. Or her funeral and that “Martha was right” flower crown. She has always been a very interesting character within a legendary plot.

The Jennifer Lopez documentary is also interesting. Even touching. half-time it’s her preparing for her performance at the Super Bowl. Of course it is much more, but that is the thread they pull. It is Wall Street scammers. It’s awards season. It’s not winning the Golden Globe and not being nominated for an Oscar. It is crying when she reads that she is an underrated actress. Also featured is her mother (“she beat us up”), her ugly children, and the green Versace dress. When she wears it to the Grammys and when she walks the runway in it, Donatella tells her that she has the best body of hers and Anna Wintour greets her effusively from the front row, much to JLo’s astonishment. She doesn’t hide from saying either how bad it seems to him that in the Super Bowl he has to share the show with Shakira. Although he doesn’t say anything against her (“Two artists. The worst thing that could happen to them”). The funniest thing is that he decides to bring Bruce Springsteen to sing “Born in the USA”, but he decides that it is better that her daughter Emme performs the song. After Trump’s cages for immigrants, he is interested in social issues. He sees some girls dancing and wants to put cages on the stage with children inside. And his daughter. “If they give me 400 children, we put them in cages“. The NFL refuses, but the truth is that in the show they are seen. Well, they are like Tweety Bird’s cages with the bars far apart. They are not scary. The daughter, Emme, is now gender neutral, according to what could be seen at the Los Angeles Dodgers Blue Diamond Gala recently. He introduced her using they/them. The last time they sang together was at the Super Bowl. “I ask her to sing with me and she doesn’t want to.” money when you sing. But it’s worth every penny because it’s my favorite duet partner of all time.” Emme came out, looking very different from the one seen in the documentary, and she sang Christina Perri’s ‘A Thousand Years’.

I guess a Marie Curie documentary would be nice, but she doesn’t dance. the of Jennifer Lopez I find it more inspiring. It makes me so envious to discover radioactivity and the two Nobel prizes to see Jennifer Lopez training on the bar. That pole dance thing, which I’ve tried, is for superwomen. I remember when the monitor said “Fireman in z!”, which meant sliding up and down on the bar with his legs in z’s. The only thing I got was some laces for what. At the bar he looked like a koala. I only looked like Jennifer Lopez in the purple ones (she shows them).

Jennifer Lopez deserves that Ben Affleck direct that movie for which they give her an Oscar. Even if they end up talking about the Affleck effect.


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