If when you have breakfast at a hotel buffet you destroy everything, pay attention to these tips to eat healthy

Photo credit: @raquelsanchezsilva - Instagram

Photo credit: @raquelsanchezsilva – Instagram

Maintaining a healthy diet is something that many of us are born alone and that we do not take as an obligation. We are used to it and We know which foods are healthier and which are not., in what quantities it is better to take them, the foods that have more fiber, which foods have more iron, the best healthy foods to eat when it is hot, etc. So it costs us nothing to create healthy breakfasts or light dinners, for example.

But when we eat outas often happens to us on vacation, it can be more difficult for us to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Because unless we’re in an apartment, we rarely have complete control over what we eat. But like practically everything in life, wanting is power, and maintaining a healthy diet away from home is possible.

we just have to assess the options we havenot letting ourselves be tempted by ultra-processed foods (although without becoming obsessed, that “once a year doesn’t hurt”) and choose as much as possible what is healthier. This is what it does Rachel Sanchez Silva. The presenter travels a lot, both for work and for pleasure -especially now in the summer- and she is more than used to it.

But as he has shown us in his last publication, he does not lose his good habits even on vacation. And it is that in his last snapshot we can see how he has created a very healthy breakfast at the hotel buffet in which he stays: two bananas, some slices of melon and two juices. Nothing else is needed to make our first meal of the day healthy:

In addition to photography, the presenter shared the keys to what she likes to eat when she is out. “Fresh cut fruit, coffee and toast with oil“He states that he likes to have breakfast in hotels, “another toast with jam, a yogurt with fruit and a great juice to finish” sentenced.

How to prepare a healthy breakfast

Like all foods Ideally, our breakfast should contain high-fiber carbohydrates, healthy fats, and lean protein. Each one of them fulfills a certain function and they are important to achieve a balanced breakfast. As for amounts and how to get all the macronutrients, nutritionist Kristina LaRue (@loveandzest) advises the following:

  • high fiber carbohydrates: to get carbohydrates with fiber, which help us fill up, whole grains (oatmeal, whole wheat bread or quinoa), fruits and vegetables are ideal.

  • healthy fats: Fats like peanut butter, avocado, and olive oil are good choices for absorbing vitamins from food and contribute to the “filling factor.”

  • lean protein: we have to try to reach 20 grams of protein at breakfast. How? With eggs, Greek yogurt, and lean breakfast meats, for example.

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