If you already have MIUI 13, this is how you can update to MIUI 13.5

As you read these lines, Xiaomi is already working on MIUI 13.5. In the same way that they already did with MIUI 12.5 Enhanced, the new update will be a good set of changes compared to MIUI 13, with improvements in performance when there is network congestion or small updates in the design of some menus and icons.

Of course, not all Xiaomi and Redmi mobiles will be able to make the jump to this new ROM. You have already asked us several times about how to update the ROM, if a bootloader is necessary and what steps to follow from the fast boot. What should be clear is that If your Xiaomi or Redmi mobile is compatible with MIUI 13, it will also be compatible with MIUI 13.5. And we tell you how to update or have the latest version.

How to upgrade from MIUI 13 to MIUI 13.5 before anyone else

Update To Miui 13 5

To update to the latest version of MIUI follow these steps:

  • Get in the ‘Settings‘ of your Xiaomi or Redmi mobile.
  • Now tap on the MIUI icon, in the ‘MIUI Version‘.

You will see that the system forces an update search. In this case, the operating system may tell us that no update is available.

However, we can update to the latest version, if a newer ROM is available. How? Touching five times in a row on the MIUI icon itself. By doing this we will activate new functionalities, as we will see later.

How to update MIUI from a downloaded ROM

To update

When we have repeatedly touched the MIUI icon we will see a message at the bottom of the screen that says ‘Additional feature updates are on‘. This means that you can now access a couple of secret sections. Now follow these steps:

  • When you tap on the three dots in the upper right corner you will now find two extra features: ‘Select update package‘ and ‘Reboot to Recovery Mode’.
  • The first option is the one that interests us, since it will allow you to update MIUI from a downloaded ROM.

The big question is, and where do I download the latest ROM from? We tell you right now.

How to download the latest MIUI 13 ROM


Every week a new MIUI ROM is compiled with minor updates, fixes and improvements. Moreover, several times a week, every two or three days, new betas are sent to users and the participants of the Xiaomi Pilot program, which you can access after filling out a form.

How to go back to MIUI 12.5 if MIUI 13 is giving you a lot of problems

If you want to be one of the first users to have and test these improvements, you just have to download said ROM through some reliable software that compiles it and helps you keep each ROM organized, In addition to verifying if your Xiaomi or Redmi mobile is eligible and compatible with said ROM. The four most popular are:

  • XiaoMIUI, the popular app of the information platform
  • MIUI Downloader, our favorite, since it has dozens of hidden options.
  • MIUIes, created by Aliseda Apps and perhaps the most friendly and intuitive
  • MIUI Updater, another of the most used today.

Five tricks that you can put into practice with your new Xiaomi 12 thanks to MIUI 13

Once you download the software and verify compatibility, you will see that you can download betas and ROMs from other territories such as China or Taiwan. Choose the latest version, download it and then you will only have to look for the file inside your downloads folderin order to update MIUI 13 through the OS itself, officially and totally safely.

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