If you liked ‘A Passage to Paradise’, this movie classic from Netflix will conquer your heart

The comedy “Passage to Paradise”, starring Julia Roberts and George Clooney, is one of the most recent blockbusters when it comes to romantic comedies. And it is that the film, recently released in theaters, resorts to an old recipe that has already worked in other films such as “Mamma Mia”: a divorced couple that gets together again, almost by obligation, to participate in the wedding of his daughter. The detail is that the circumstances of life will force them to team up to thwart the marriage and thus “save” their daughter.

In just a few weeks in theaters, “Passage to Paradise” it became a real rage. And it is that romantic comedies in the cinema have always had their captive and fanatical audience. For this very reason, if you liked the new film by Julia Roberts and George Clooney, we recommend a great classic of romantic cinema available at Netflix and other streaming platforms and that you can’t stop watching. Or to see again as many times as necessary.

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