If you plan to repair your iPhone at home, prepare to receive these two gigantic briefcases

As promised, Apple has launched a new service so that anyone who wants it can repair their iPhone at home and without depending on any technical service. The company has covered all the details of that repair, including the parts and machines needed to do it. And when I say parts I don’t mean a couple of screwdrivers… you need so much material that it comes to you in two huge suitcases.

Repairing your iPhone at home comes with baggage

There’s not much of a secret: to repair your iPhone you need a series of tools that until now were only available in technical services and official repair centers. Bringing that to the home of a private individual is not an easy task: they are delicate instruments and occupy a certain volume.

In order for these instruments to arrive safely at your house, they need a lot of protection, and from there they arrive in two suitcases of 16.33 and 19.5kg approximately. Each of the suitcases has wheels so that it can be transported with some comfort, occupying a total volume of 50.8 x 119.38 cm. Yes, the two boxes stacked on top of each other are more than a meter high.

Does it mean that you have to buy all this material to be able to repair your iPhone? No, in the new parts store we can see that those boxes they are rented for a week for 47 dollars. The idea is that they arrive at your house, you use them to make the repair you need and then you return them. And beware that they are not universal: each iPhone model requires a case with different instruments.

Apple will stop repairing iPhones that have been declared lost on the GSMA global registry

With this Apple leaves us one thing very clear: properly repair an iPhone It is not a matter of a little while and with basic tools. It is a complicated task that requires certain logistics, reserved perhaps for the most handyman. And seeing the prices, the general public will have it better going to a certified expert to repair iPhones.

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