If you run away I’ll marry you, so Julia Roberts left (really) her mate at the altar

If you run away, I’ll marry you is the film by Garry Marshall that will air tonight at 21.25 on the Nove. This is the film that put together the technical and artistic cast of Pretty Woman. Garry Marshall – former director of the cult comedy – returns to direct the protagonists Julia Robert and Richard Gere, in addition to Hector Elizondo, Kathleen Marshall, Larry Miller and Patrick Richwood, all of whom appeared in the 1990 film.

If you run away, I’ll marry you, the plot

Ike (Richard Gere) is a cynical journalist from New York who one day “stumbles” into the story of a woman who, in a small Maryland town, has already abandoned three men at the altar, literally escaping from her wedding. Intrigued by the story, Ike writes a piece, but based only on the testimony of the woman’s last man abandoned at the altar. Maggie (Julia Roberts) gets mad at the biased article and complaining to the newspaper asks for and gets Ike fired. The latter, determined to take his life back and get his job back, travels to Maryland to rewrite the piece. This time around, Ike also includes Maggie, and the woman is more obstinate than ever to prove to the reporter that she is not the crazy woman everyone describes. Maggie then introduces Ike to her current boyfriend (Christopher Meloni) and involves him in the preparations for the wedding. Soon the initial hatred between the two will turn into a friendship ready to become something different.

Julia Roberts as Maggie

If you run away, I’ll marry you is a comedy that aims to demonstrate the assumption that a winning team does not change. The late Garry Marshall, still inebriated with the enormous success of Pretty Woman, in 1999 he tried to recreate the same miracle by relying on the irrefutable chemistry between the two protagonists. And although If you run away, I’ll marry you has not achieved the same comedy classic status as Pretty Woman, the film did however have some success. However, perhaps the most interesting aspect is that Julia Roberts shares with the protagonist an aspect that is anything but negligible. As reported by the website of theInternet Movie Data Base, in fact, even Julia Roberts has canceled a wedding. She did not “abandon” her future husband on the altar, but nevertheless canceled the wedding a few days after their celebration. As we read on CheatSheet Julia Roberts was supposed to get married on June 14, 1991 to the actor Kiefer Sutherland. The two met in 1990 on the set of the film Flatliners – Deadly Line and a spark immediately broke out between them, to the point that Julia Roberts suddenly left her then boyfriend, Dylan McDermott.

The union between Julia Roberts and Kiefer Sutherland later became public knowledge when she thanked him during the speech for winning the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress for Steel Flowers. The two soon became one of the most talked about couples in Hollywood and the world of entertainment went crazy with the announcement of the engagement. But three days into the wedding, Julia Roberts truly became a runaway bride, when she decided to run away with Sutherland’s best friend, Jason Patric. It was a real one scandal, in which the press threw itself headlong.

As reported by the New York Post, Julia Roberts fled to Ireland with Jason Patrick, while it appears that Kiefer Sutherland was having an adulterous affair with a stripper. Asked years later about this unexpected love triangle with his best friend, Kiefer Sutherland said: “When you fall in love, you fall in love. There’s nothing you can do about it. She’s an amazing person and so was he. And, you know, timing is what it is. But now all three of us are over this. history.” Furthermore, Kiefer Sutherland said that the worst thing about the “betrayal“It was not losing Julia Roberts, but her best friend. Fortunately, the two men, years later, found a way to overcome this. impasse, rebuilding their friendship.

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