If you suffer from irritable bowel and are over 40, you shouldn’t eat these foods

IBS: colon or irritable bowel syndrome.
It’s a intestinal disorder very complicated to diagnose because it has symptoms common to other diseases affecting the intestine. Among the main symptoms we recognize abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea and constipation Ada alternation and nausea.

For those suffering from this pathology, the use of psychotherapy is recommended, certainly accompanied by an appropriate diet that aims to reduce the symptoms. The power supply in fact it is a very important cure even if alone it is not enough as it is necessary to identify and take care also of the aspects of the emotional sphere; this syndrome often originates psychosomatic which can manifest itself in subjects who suffer from anxiety.

The diet for healing it involves the elimination or limitation of foods that make those symptoms worse, causing abdominal swelling, fermentation and irritation of the intestinal walls.
The wisest thing to do is to hireand foods with low fermentability and almost totally exclude from the patient’s diet all those foods called FODMAPs or those that contain high percentages of lactose, fructose, galactans, fructans and polyols with a very high fermentability index.

Now let’s see what are the foods to avoid to safeguard your health in case of irritable colon, especially if you are over 40 years old.
– At the top of the ranking we have the insoluble fiber contained in Whole grains, in fruit and vegetables. It can cause and worsen diarrhea so you should choose foods with soluble fiber that can relieve constipation such as cereals like oatmeal, root vegetables like carrots, fruits like oranges and legumes like peas.

Immediately after we find dairy products which are problematic for two reasons. The first is that they contain fats that increase diarrhea and then that is a common intolerance in many people with IBS. Alternatively, rice milk or soy cheese can be considered.

-Fried foods (they have a high fat content and are difficult to digest), it is advisable, in fact, to cook foods in a healthy way used for example the grill or the oven.
-Glutenas a protein to which many are allergic or intolerant.
-Sweetenersjams and fruit such as pears, grapes, plums and peaches).

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