If you think you understand Kim Kardashian’s outfit at the Met Gala, you are very wrong


The most absolute clamor, downstream of the golden Met Gala 2021, was certainly aroused by the mysterious and very strong outfit by Kim Kardashian. The theme of the event was “American Independence”, a concept that brought with it the lexicon of the American tradition, which in addition to practical and iconic fashion, is made up of freedom but also of individualism, of absolute objectives but also of ghettoization, of meritocracy but also of great underground lies and therefore, above all, of contrasts.

There are those who wanted to literally “rewrite” this idea of ​​American lexicon with clarifications that have become slogans on their clothes, such as Cara Delevingne (“Peg the Patriarchy” – Fotti il ​​patriarchato) and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (“Tax the rich “- Tax the rich), who wanted to focus on a specific message.

Credit: Angela WEISS / AFP

Kim Kardashian went further, right in her style. While a Billie Eilish Marilyn-comes out, in terms of image she is swallowed up more and more by the system of the star system (true that she asked the Oscar De La Renta team to abolish fur, but also true that her appearance reflected the more shameless American classic without any contemporary innovation), Kim Kardashian arrived completely swathed in black, from head to toe. A t-shirt, classic USA, but disturbingly black, ending with a long dovetail. The Balenciaga dress made her stand out like a cannonball thrown without poses on the golden red carpet, cutting the air at every step, with the brand’s famous “Knife” shoes.

Credit: Justin Lane / Epa

To accompany her Demna Gvasalia, designer of Balenciaga, who has taken on a parallel look. The assumptions around the world relating to this choice have been hot: there are those who have pointed to Kardashian as a symbol of the West who takes possession of the stylistic features of women who instead want to get rid of them (like Afghan women), and c ‘are those who have imagined that Kardashian’s outfit is a pure promotional gimmick for the new album Donda by Kanye West (which also participated in the pre-listen), which has a cover that is all black.

Credit: John Shearer / WireImage

The image was certainly spoiled by the very skilled billionaire entrepreneur, who had sown her Instagram of a black look complete with Balenciaga that gradually almost covered her face, which then became the final result of the Met Gala: however, for a “larger than life” character like his, a simple support to the father of his children Kanye West would seem reductive.

In the analysis that many have given of Kim Kardashian’s outfit there are many hasty conclusions, which do not take into account who the message is coming from. Demna Gvasalia, who created it, is a designer-myth who has made non-fashion and the use of “uncomfortable” symbols of contemporary society into real vehicles to express disruptive messages against the dynamics of the system itself. as it has come to now, between globalization, misery and modern alienation.

Who better than Demna Gvasalia, by genius and by absurdity, could therefore convey the message of Kim Kardashian, the one who exploited all the trash, pop, social and exaggerated side of American society to create a wave so strong that it catapulted it on top of that world, where it also appropriated the glamor and social and political power, in a sense, of the United States?

Credit: Andrew Kelly / Reuters

Kim Kardashian’s outfit is a striking statement that comes from a personality who didn’t need to be “beautiful” for the evening at all because that way she would be canceled, but she knew that her “self-canceling”, excluding himself, he would have created a much more significant explosion, connoting that black not as “sexy”, or as “elegant”, but as a canvas created on purpose, a sounding board to bring out his name and his presence.

Kim Kardashian is already an American icon at 40 and, like Ulysses who shouts that he is “nobody” and is the only one capable of killing the monstrous Cyclops, she hid under a black cloak to send a clear message to society in which she was born and raised: that independence and that declared American transparency of which her country of infinite possibilities is forged, are perhaps no longer elements so “visible” to the eyes of the people, and not even to her own. Thus, he created a dark spot on the red carpet with his presence: a blur as refined as it is impossible to avoid.

From Kardashian’s Instagram.

A political message from Kim Kardashiam, a billionaire entrepreneur who is studying to become a lawyer and enter politics, or a game of fashion and intellect teamed with the brilliant Gvasalia to keep her throne as queen of social media immaculate?

From his stories he only says “don’t waste energy to get what you can’t get” (a dig at other celebrities, an affirmation of your own star-persona, or a simple editorial plan?), And immediately after the influencer Bryan Boy who declares the genius of his “getting noticed, disappearing”, on the catwalk of celebrity. Whatever the truth (or even if there were no deep meanings), Kim Kardashian has impressed, in a notable way, again this time.

Main photo credit: Eduardo Munoz Alvarez / AFP

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