“If you want to enjoy it easily, go to VALORANT,” says s1mple | DRAFT5

Here are the different episodes of controversy over a possible mutation of Oleksandr.”simple” Kostyliev for o VALORANToh ukrainian star i was tied to yours live broadcast to address all the noise and put an end to the story.

That’s what Richard Lewis said about VALORANT. I’m not going to tell you that it is 100% (a lie), but now I haven’t played VALORANT in six months. And since I don’t have enough energy to go through VALORANT because these packs are in CS2. It’s just a little bit different time“.

Jogador said that, in case he didn't think about money, he would change to VALORANT |  Photo: Helena Kristiansson/ESLJogador said that, in case he didn’t think about money, he would change to VALORANT | Photo: Helena Kristiansson/ESL

Confirm that you will not find FPS from Valve, just a reminder that, in case you thought otherwise, listening to the VALORANT series is a no-brainer. “But if you want to enjoy it easily, go to VALORANT.. But it’s a completely different world. It is the world of the USA, the world is different. This song, I love everything about it, but it’s a little different.”

“And of course it’s very difficult to get into a new game. I’m trying to learn a lot. In the same way I also need to learn about CS2, once after 64 ticks new bugs and jumps appear among other things”completer or player.

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The player ended his statement by highlighting the reserve table during this period and stating that the majority is unaware of the true reason why the athlete gave a competitive scenario.

“But before that, I take a break. Most people don’t know why it’s a break, and I don’t want to say that, but at the same time, it’s more important.”He concluded.

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