If you want to get hooked on yoga, follow these wellness and meditation ‘influencers’

yoga is a multidisciplinary oriental discipline that strengthens and tones the body, but also disconnects and harmonizes the mind. In addition, it relieves muscle tension, improves flexibility, reduces stress and, best of all, you can practice it from the comfort of your home.

There are so many benefits it brings to well-being, both physically and mentally, that even the United Nations recommended its practice during the pandemic to deal with periods of isolation and depression.

If you want to get hooked on yoga, both as a beginner willing to get your body and mind in shape or as a curious beginner, discover these three Instagram profiles that accumulate thousands of followers with their classes, ideas and habits yogini.

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Xuan Lan is the number one yoga guru in our country. Like many, he started out in this sport as a hobby but, 20 years later, he has made it not only his lifestyle, but also his profession. He changed the briefings and campaigns for his work in the marketing and banking industry for yoga postures and meditation.

You can find her yoga training content, both on her Instagram profile and on YouTube, a platform on which she has almost two million followers. In addition, Xuan Lan is the author of two books on wellness, and founder of the apps XLY Studio. This platform includes a yoga challenge detox with intermittent fasting and a training program that combines fitness and pilates.


neyu is mom, physiologist and yoga teacher. This lover of the oceans and nature combines the day-to-day life of her family of three of her (soon to be four), with her exercises and advice fitness. Her profile is a clear demonstration that you can also practice and enjoy yoga when you are 36 weeks pregnant.

It is also creator of the Neyu Fit platform, with which you can start practicing yoga step by step. There are more than 380 sessions for all levels, so being a beginner is not a problem. The difficulty of his classes gradually increases from the most basic movements so that you will quickly be able to see the results in your body and mind.


Mimi is yoga teacherbut it is also coach holistic. Holism is a philosophy that understands the human being as a whole that unites all its dimensions, physically, spiritually, intellectually, socially and emotionally. For this reason, its contents do not focus only on the exercises and the classic yoga poses, but also include a complete meditation work.

Vinyasa, Hatha Y Ashtanga They are the modalities of yoga that you can find in his profile, each one of them focuses on a type of person and different needs. To enhance this union between body and mind, Mimi created artsoulogya platform through which she organizes holistic yoga and wellness retreats, mindful practices, workshops and rituals combined with physical exercise.

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