iFixit ” disassembles ” Apple’s cleaning cloth too! Here’s how it’s done

iFixit We now know it as a team that has in the past taken apart all kinds of Apple products. The team made it possible to get to know components but also ways of creating the new tech products of the moment going to dissect in the true sense of the word every smallest processor, motherboard or even photographic sensor or even the battery of a smartphone, a tablet or even a smartwatch. .

It also happened that iFixit did not only disassemble the device super technological but that we have also put under the lens of our laboratories Apple patch to clean Mac screens. We had seen how the Cupertino company at the launch of the new ones MacBook Pro with M1 Pro and Max had decided to reissue a small cloth branded with the bitten apple and for sale ad a price of 25, which somehow caused quite a stir. The iFixit team got curious and decided to take the cloth apart and try to figure out what was special about it.

iFixit: this is how Apple’s 25-inch cloth is made

Not only the iFixit team dedicated a whole part of the teardown article and also gave it a repair score, 0 out of 10, clearly completely ironic. Surely the curiosity to have this new Apple cloth in your hands was really strong if you think that at the moment in Italy its availability to have it is around waiting times of over 10-12 weeks.

But what is so special about this cloth? Only the Apple brand? iFixit reveals that they are actually two pieces of material glued together and it takes a microscope to compare it to regular old microfiber. Disassembly, of course, short as this is a simple screen cleaning cloth but it’s worth knowing that the Mac polishing cloth appears to bealmost identical to the thin microfiber inner lining of the iPad Smart Covers or at least both give the touch that feeling that recalls an element in Alcantara.

Under consideration by themicroscopeand the findings placed alongside those of a municipalitymicrofiber cloth cheaper, seem to find no striking differences but a different texture compared to the cloth called by iFixit ” da plebei ”.

In short, a very ironic “ disassembly ” that of the Apple cloth. In fact, it continues not to be available on the store with a wait of at least 10-12 weeks for delivery, a sign that for Apple users, more than the goodness of the cloth, they are interested in having a product that is decidedly different from the classic tech devices of recent times. And also this that characterizes a different brand like that of Apple.

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