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Technological progress has also revolutionized the iGaming industry and today anyone who owns a mobile device can play one of the many casino games anywhere and at any time. The introduction of iGaming has made gaming more equal because it allows anyone to have the experience of playing in a casino without having to travel several miles.

Obviously, over the years, online casinos have also had to update and integrate increasingly innovative content to keep the interest of their players alive. In fact, as in other commercial sectors, online casinos also often compete with each other to offer more generous promotions and bonuses or new and original games.

eSports integration

In addition to classic casino games with higher chances of winning, an increasingly popular trend in recent years is electronic sports. The enormous diffusion of online games (FPS, MMORPG, etc.) and the creation of tournaments, even at an international level, has allowed the birth of a unique betting category, that of eSports.

Among the most popular eSports we mention:

– Dota 2;

– League of Legends;

– Counterattack: GO;


More and more players, especially the youngest ones, have approached the world of eSports and have begun to place their bets, even in real time, during the most famous tournaments and this has also caused an increase in the number of subscribers to the different gaming platforms.

Registration without verification

Innovation in the technological field has definitely improved the iGaming industry but there are some factors that have remained unchanged over time; Among them, it is worth mentioning the tendency of players to prefer gaming platforms that allow them to register quickly and without having to send documents.

This is because digital security is a concept that gamers pay a lot of attention to; Having to enter too much personal information during registration or having to send personal documents does not excite players and that is why, in recent years, the number of casino members that do not require the submission of documents has increased dramatically.

Obviously, you should always be careful because some could be dangerous to your privacy and finances; For this reason, we recommend choosing only the best online casinos without sending documents and registering only after you have made sure, through online reviews, that the chosen casino is completely safe.

Another innovative method to register in a simple, secure and fast way is based on the use of biometric and digital identity technology. These two methods allow a person to be unequivocally identified through facial recognition, fingerprints or unique credentials issued by specific organizations. With these methods it will not be necessary to send documents and the registration process will be immediate.

Focus on mobile games

Nowadays, everyone owns a smartphone or tablet and, thanks to technological progress, more and more online gaming platforms, especially in Italy, have the possibility of offering a mobile version of their website. Although during the first years the applications for mobile devices provided by the various Italian platforms were not fully optimized and often presented errors, today, thanks to multiple updates in the technological field, they are completely optimized, fluid and free of crashes.

However, the possibility of being able to play from your smartphone without encountering annoying blocks and therefore having a fun and non-frustrating experience should not only be attributed to the innovation of gaming platforms but also, and above all, to the evolution of smartphones. In fact, today these devices can be considered real computers, in many aspects, and are capable of fluidly playing quite complex applications with colorful, dynamic and content-rich interfaces.

Live casino experiences

However, there is one category that has always been very successful: the live casino. Those who want to live the experience of playing in real time, also interacting with the players and the dealer, exactly like in a physical casino, can only choose this category. The increasingly cutting-edge streaming technology has allowed many land-based casinos to reproduce players. one or more game rooms in real time, while the introduction of live chat allows you to communicate with the dealer and players. Precisely thanks to the efforts of software developers, through the creation of increasingly optimized and interactive interfaces, this category continues to be so successful today.

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