Iggy Azalea: I Can’t Relax on Holidays Entertainment

When Iggy Azalea is on vacation she finds it difficult to relax.

The 33-year-old rap star is used to being on tour as a musician, but spending so much time at one particular destination is hard for him.

Iggy – who was born in Australia but moved to the US as a teenager to pursue her musical ambitions – wrote on X: “I have a habit of traveling to places for 24 hours and passing out.

“I’ve been on vacation for 48 hours and I have 2 weeks left…

“I don’t know what to do honestly. Lmao (sic)”

In response, one of Iggy’s followers encouraged the ‘Work’ hitmaker to just “relax.”

He wrote: “Relax…really relax…it’s harder than it sounds.”

And Iggy replied: “It really is. Lol. (sic)”

Earlier this year, Iggy claimed she was ignoring her critics and instead enjoying her “millionaire” lifestyle.

The blonde beauty has received a lot of criticism throughout her career – but Iggy doesn’t listen to outside noise and is determined to enjoy herself.

She wrote on X: “I really enjoyed it!

“That’s why you can’t bully me away… I’m the only one who needs to like it to continue!

“If you’re reading this make sure you have the same mindset…

“You just need to believe in what you are doing for it to be useful to you.

“If I’m worried that people will laugh at me…

“I will not become a millionaire…

“Because I would have quit the game on the first day.

“People will always laugh, insult and treat you like you are no good to them.

“Don’t let it take over your life or it will steal your money and good times. (sic)”


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