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Ignacia Michelson With Marcianeke

Ignacia Michelson With Marcianeke

In the last edition of Vina del Mar Festival, Marcianeke and Ignacia Michelson attended the Vineyard Galaknown on this occasion as the zero night. There, they walked the 135-meter-long red carpet together, paralyzing the national television cameras.

When they were interviewed, they not only talked about the looks they had, but also claimed to be “friend saw you«. In this way they publicly baptized the type of relationship they have.

Their relationship arouses deep interest among their most loyal fans. This, even before the Gala de Viña. For this reason, each publication they make together is far from going unnoticed..

This is how it happened in recent hours with a new photo of Ignacia Michelson with Marcianeke where the former Acapulco Shore made a real confession of love.

The new photo of Ignacia Michelson and Marcianeke

This is the couple’s stylish new postcard, posted on Nacha’s Instagram feed:

Instagram: @lamichelson11

«Yeah, I only love him because he’s so crazy. just crazy about me“, he wrote in his love confession Ignacia Michelson at the foot of the postcard. This did not take long to generate reactions.

At the close of this publication, the photo of Ignacia Michelson and Marcianeke had exceeded 130 thousand hearts. Also, it had at least 610 comments for both of them.

Among the messages he received, they highlighted: “They have caught it as if Marcianini has become more handsome 🔥😍”. “The best coupleaaaa🔥😍”. “Wow, you did a good job for Matías, I love them together ❤️”. “Megan fox and machine gun kelly”. «Put it on marcianekeeeee 👏👏🔥🔥 once it’s up to the people!!!!!». «Take it to the moon for me 😍😍😍 I’m a fan». «This is the best couple that exists 🥺♥️ nothing is impossible! I LOVE THEM BEAUTIFUL, they look so precious together 🥺 ». «Michelson has a good hand👌👌👌». “So cute the most real couple in Chile 🔥❤️”.

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