Ignacio López Tarso is hospitalized in an emergency

A few minutes ago, it transpired that the actor Ignacio López Tarso, 97, was hospitalized in an emergency.

It was revealed that due to pneumonia, the first actor had to be hospitalized in a hospital in the Roma neighborhood.

The actor spoke about it through a message on social networks and wrote, “dear friends, friends and the media, I appreciate your concern and expressions of affection, I am in the hospital because I presented a picture of bacterial pneumonia, fortunately I am very well cared for, recovering quickly. Very happy to receive your messages and the affection of all the people. See you soon at the theater!”

Ignacio López Tarso is hospitalized for pneumonia

Recently, López Tarso received his fourth honoris causa in Arts and Humanities, from the University of Ixtlhuaca, which surprised the actor, “you are surprised to arrive in that small town and there is a huge University with thousands of students… I laid the first stone of a new theater that is going to be built there and I promised to inaugurate it”, he mentioned after being honored with the doctorate.

Likewise, the first actor attended the play “I love you, you are perfect, now change” a few days ago, for the 60th anniversary of the Hidalgo Theater, for which he was received with applause.

Ignacio López Tarso is hospitalized for pneumonia

In addition, in January, Ignacio López Tarso asked that they not forget him, since the pandemic took him away from the stage and he commented on how difficult the confinement and lack of work was for him.

Ignacio López Tarso is hospitalized for pneumonia

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